Returning support player LF chill people to climb with [NA]

So like a lot of people here, I just returned to the game after a bit of a lengthy break. Time away means most of the people I used to duo or group up with for comp games have stopped playing for the time being. it also means I jumped into my recent placements extremely rusty and I’m lower SR wise than ever before! (Hovering around the 1500s atm)

Once upon a time, I placed much higher and of course I’d love to get there again but not at the expense of having actual fun in my games so while I’m looking for folks who seriously want to climb and improve their gameplay too, the good vibes are way more important to me. So, I’d love to find some non-toxic, generally chill people to team up with and climb out of these low comp ranks with.

I’m a support main for the most part and I juggle all the characters pretty well depending on what a team comp or plan might call for. My schedule varies all over the place but I actually have been playing a lot recently so feel free to reach out to me on discord sometime!

Discord: Aelphaba#6750