(Resolved) "Game leave : X"

Hi !
Did my third 7wins thing. Still in B5. Not surprised.
However, there is something new on the screen now. I got a text saying : “Game leave : X”

What does it mean ? Anyone have been experiencing that too ?

It’s counting the number of times it’s disconnected you and is using verbiage that places the blame on you, the player, for their intermittent connectivity issues.


Is it like a “you disconnected 10 times” (X being 10 in latin) or just a tickbox that shows you you’ve disconnected once. It’s such a shame because out of the several DC I had, I’ve always been able to reconnect. I just a DC at the loading screen of the game. Vould not go back, even though I was back on the main menu …

I just hope they fix those issues. I feel like it won’t help my/our SR to go up …

One X is one disconnect (leave)


Thank you very much !

Hello, does anyone know if it cleares after some games or is it until the season ends?

And if so, whats the limit per season and the penalty aplied?

I just disconnected like 5 seconds before the victory screen to save time. Still got a 15min suspend :confused:

I just got a 15 suspension because the match had just started and I got client crash tabbing back into the game even had the send report message pop up. Blizzard needs to temp. remove this system until all connection/error crashing etc are fixed.

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From what I’m reading you can leave as few as 5 comp matches and get a season ban in competitive mode.

The game loaded and the keyboard or mouse didn’t work when it loaded my competitive match so I had to restart the game but I had a 15 minute suspension it never happened to me before I was playing about 10 games in a row before this issue happened why should I be punished for the broken stupid system?

The Overwatch team is notorious for bad implementations of punishment systems.

“Hey Devs, we’ve got this issue with toxicity and throwers in game. Any chance we could get a report system so GMs (Game Masters) can review and take action on these people.”

"Nah, we’ve given you the easiest report function in the game so those toxic players and their mates can report you for any reason. But don’t worry, the system is entirely automated so we won’t actually check to see if the report is justified or if there’s any context to explain your actions. Once you get enough reports, we’re gonna permaban you and ignore your appeals. "

" Hey Devs, we have people abusing the system by leaving matches so they can wintrade."

"No problem. Here’s this functionality that will lock all players out of playing, give them a - 50SR penalty and give them season bans for leaving. But don’t worry, we’re going to restart our servers without warning so you can get in on the fun of being a leaver too since we don’t want you to feel left out. "

Name another AAA game as oppressively bad at these sort of functions as Overwatch.


@Tirkam , what happened? are you still stuck on Bronze 5? My gf stuck in Bronze5 even after “Fix” by blizzard has this Game Leave: X on her screen…

Im asking because it is tagged as Resolved :slight_smile:

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The beautiful(or horrible bad, choose for uself) thing about such a system is that if u don’t know who is having a bad day and just choosing some1, any1 to be angry at and u won’t even be told who the kid is, they can just instantly report u again with their friends who they are in a party with as soon as u get grouped up with them

And people actually believe that the other person is toxic when they are just angry at life and throwing reports around them

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ya fix the crap. thanks

Can blizzard explain why I get my 7 wins as a plat 3 and get DEMOTED to plat 4 because it says game leave: X I have never seen such a terribly run game

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Do the X’s ever go away throughout the season? In OW1 you could earn “good boy” points and after completing so many matches without “leaving” the count would reset.

EDIT: I got my next rank evaluation and the Xs were gone, but I don’t know if the marks were taken away for the season.

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I also just rolled through my 7 wins, with high stats aswell, such as final blows, dmg etc. And I still wen’t from Diamond 5 to now Plat 1. So because I got dc’ed once, I get hammered with such a lame demotion lol. I’ve done the climb to masters before, and I probably would’ve jumped to Diamond 3, if it wasn’t because of that dc. Though, I keep forgetting that this game is still in Beta, and is an insult to the Overwatch community.