Reported for playing Torb


I would play with you. Add me. Or add Sleepybear#17454

I played a lot of Torb, I know how strong he can be. I don’t usually play him in comp because I play other heroes. But I 1v4 an enemy team of plat ranks in QP yesterday…without using a turret. That R-Click is godly until they nerf it.


actually, there is a very famous case where it has happened to a very famous player

but it is rare

as I said, Blizzard is not doing a good job of enforcing their own rules.

The failure of an authority to enforce a rule does not mean a rule (or law) does not exist


they are blizzard

they enforce the rules, they can create the rules, whatever they say comes from their boss, whatever their boss said to them comes from the overwatch team itself

why whould they create rules out of thin air if nobody told them to? somebody told them to no lift bans from one tricks


You are confusing the support folks with the whole of Blizzard

They are part of Blizzard, yes

but no, they do not make the rules, they enforce them (or rather, are supposed to enforce them)

not sure what you mean by thin air, but you are making a lot of assumptions here about what is going on at Blizzard HQ


yes they do because somebody told them to

they don’t work by themselves, somebody over them is telling them what to do and clearly the one tricks are seen as throwers there


Should =/= required.

If it was required, then it would be punishable to not do it. It is not punishable, so you “should” switch, but you don’t “have to” switch.

You don’t have any valid evidence that player is trying to lose. All you have is they left voice (not reportable) and running in without a plan (poor performance or as expected for their rank, so not reportable).

If you are jumping off the map because you think it will help the team, such as prevent staggering or regrouping without donating ult charge, then it’s not reportable. If you are jumping off the map because “I say I’m trying this isn’t reportable” then you are feeding and it is reportable. One case you are trying to win, the other case you’re trying to lose.

It’s not that complicated.

Feeding requires intent to lose.

If you really wanted to build around the torb, you don’t need to talk to torb to do so. You can push H without him talking to you. It’s not feeding to not communicate. Quit trying to force your bias misinterpretations of feeding to justify your false reporting.


then you are unaware that some players have been whitelisted due to identified false reporting

You may want to go do some research before spewing such guesses as facts

I doubt Blizzard enough resources to follow all reports, or even a consequential fraction thereof


its not assumptions if one trick keeps getting banned and their appeals are denied

they work for blizzard, they don’t work independently so someone told them to not lift the bans to one tricks and even repeats the same things to every one trick

if that are so bad at their job how come none of them are fired? what do they gain from doing things that blizzard doesn’t allow them to? they would lift their ban immediately but instead they tell the one tricks that deserved it


Resources, sir


assumption on your part

You’ll need to explain the whitelisted players and the banned false reporters then

You’ll find when you attempt to do so that some support decisions are in conflict with others

In the meantime, the rule is clear and unambiguous

I have no idea.

I dont make the hiring and firing decisions at Blizzard.

Nor do you, I suspect.


streamers = special

the average sym one trick won’t get whitelisted but rather they will tell them that they deserved the ban but then you will just claim that support is doing things which blizzard doesn’t allow? but he is blizzard, whatever he does is the representation of the company

the rules are a grey area, simply picking heroes won’t get you banned but that depends on the context like a one trick or my analogy

keep believing whatever you believe, at the end of the day one tricks are the ones at losing side


You are confusing poor enforcement of a rule with the rule being unclear

It isn’t grey at all - it is precise, simple, and crystal clear

I get that you dont like being wrong

I get that you dont like the rule

I get that you want your teammates performing optimally, for the best chance to win (I like winning too, btw)

but it remains a rule

Example: A cop watches a theft occur in front of him and (for whatever reason) allows the thief to walk away freely. By your logic, theft is not against the law after this occurs, or the law is somehow “grey”. No, this is poor enforcement of a crystal clear law.


This is the complain one-trick/off-meta players have about Blizzard’s support staff. This is a problem with enforcement. Enforcement of false reporting, and enforcement of the rules on the enforcement staff.

I don’t have to assume support staff is not following the official public rules when there is screenshot evidence of them of them going against the rules. I’d post the links but that increases the chance of the thread being locked.


the rule you keep bringing up has a context btw

Behaviour that intentionally detracts from others’ enjoyment (such as griefing, throwing, feeding, etc.) is unacceptable. We expect our players to treat each other with respect, and promote an enjoyable environment. Acceptable behaviour is determined by player reports and Blizzard’s decision, and violating these guidelines will result in account and gameplay restrictions.”

as i said earlier its a grey area, the employees decides what happens to reports and clearly they side with the majority in this regard

so if x players gets 100 reports and they all say “he throws, doesn’t swap ever” they will decide that you are unfit to play with the community. you will look pretty dumb to answer them with “BUT YOU DON’T DECIDE THAT” yes they do, they can even perma ban you if they view you unfit for the community


Its not a decision made by a human being.

N reports, some of which are false (or many in the case of players playing less than popular characters), are failed against a player and a player is automatically banned

N may be 100, it may be 25, I have no idea

The enforcement of crystal clear rules is poor

Explain this to me: Lets say I only enjoy playing Torb (not true, but lets say for sake of hypothetical here) and you only enjoy games where there is no Torb on the team (again, just hypothetical) and you tell me to switch, and I ignore your request

at this point, both of us have “interfered with the other players enjoyment of the game”

should we both be banned?

are my rights greater than yours, or vice versa, or what?


Do you understand how rules work?

Blizzard company has a general policy. Overwatch team builds the Overwatch policy based on the general policy, adding Overwatch-specific components.

California freeway speeds are always 65mph (general policy) except for areas where signs says 70mph (specific component). You’re not going to get a ticket for doing 70 if it is a posted-70 zone, unless the officer (enforcement team) is behaving inappropriately (ignoring the clearly stated rules).

You posted the Blizzard TOS (general policy). Overwatch report system (specific component) clarifies certain reportable offenses. The support staff (enforcement team) should be aware of general policy and OW-specific component and apply them appropriately. But they’re not, which is the problem.

The only reason one-trick is being banned is because the enforcement is messed up. If enforcement is working as it should, one-tricks would not be banned, and false reporters would be.


no your example is not right

no torb main gets banned because they know when to swap like everyone, a torb one trick is completely different from a torb main


One-trick is not a reportable offense.


i love how you blame specifially torbjorn players
when ive seen tons of dps do exactly nothing on the ladder and wate everyone elses time

Devs don’t make any rules other that be nice
well those playing what they want and wasting time out of my life get gameplay sabotage and ab chat reports

i for one would like an accountable version of overwatch competitive

wth strict ruleset in place


oh but it is cause blizz won’t verify reports in any way

so yeah if enoughh randoms report you bam actioned against


This is why I keep saying this is a enforcement issue, not rules.