Reported for playing poorly due to worse computer

Well you said it… lol

You may risk getting suspended by playing on the same account, but it is hard to know how strict Blizzard is when suspending people. Mainly it is just toxic behavior.

You should play on a different account when you are on your potato computer.

You are better off letting your high SR account decay than playing when you expect to lose. Then, when you return you will be placed in high MMR games (as normal) but have a large SR buff until your SR is back where it was when you left.

If you lose games instead, when you return you will be placed in low MMR games, and will have to play (and ruin) many more games getting back to your old SR.

My brother used to play ow, I’ve tried to convince him to give me his account but he wants full price for some reason. The game is expensive.

Competitive is always matched using sr, not mmr.

That’s what I did, otherwise people would think I’m deranking.

But I don’t think I’m supposed to get banned if I do. I’m pretty sure when trying my best I’m not breaking any rules, even with hardware limitations making me worse.

I just don’t think I can get another account :confused:

I lose either way :stuck_out_tongue:
I just want to hear blizzard’s input on this.
And @filhadiireth (customer support person) edited my original post, so I’m positive blizzard has seen this post. I’m not sure why they haven’t commented on this.

Are you twelve? Maybe you can offer to do some chores for your parent to get you a new account. They aren’t expensive.

If you are of legal age, get a job.

You won’t hear from them until and if you are banned.

This is what Blizzard (Jeff Kaplan) has said, to people in general:

are you sure? im 99% sure its your internal MMR who is taken into account in this cases


This was my understanding as well. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Seagull play on one of his accounts that had decayed all the way back to 3k, and he was still being matched against GMs when he queued up.

University is expensive, really can’t afford much right now. :laughing: I like the assumptions though.


For competitive I’m almost positive it’s purely sr based, everything else including quick play uses mmr to match make. It’d be weird to see a silver player who threw a bunch to be matched with GMs just because they have the same sr. Idk I could be wrong.

Wouldn’t that make it insanely hard to climb out of diamond then? If he’s having games with equal mmr, then his chances of winning are 50-50. But if he was matched with other diamonds he could easily climb back to where he was supposed to be.

My understanding is that someone in that situation would be earning a lot more SR per win and losing a lot less SR per loss, which would allow them to get back to where they “should” be faster.

Since you’ve been tanking your SR through “legitimate” losses and not just decay, I’m not sure what will happen in your case.

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You cant decay all the way to silver,

Biggest difference you can see would be someone at diamond at the lowest of lows,

But yes, as the guy above said, the matchmaker will probably try to boost you to your original MMR, so that your mmr matches your SR,

This is in case of decay and not actual losses tho

But basing ourselves in what Jeff Kaplan said: The “smurfing” system will probably boost you quicker too,


Account sharing is against the rules. Anyway, the game is 12 bucks right now on Humble Bundle so if you need a cheap alt now’s the time to get it.

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So what the OP is saying is this:
He intentionally joins competitive games knowing full well he can’t perform at the SR he’s currently at and then he wonders why he gets reported?

I understand your point of view, but your hardware or connection issues shouldn’t cost 5 other players their hard earned MMR. Sort your stuff out or decay, don’t ruin the game for others.

You are not worth more than 5 other people, regardless of how large your ego is.

So if his computer means he plays at a diamond level rather than a masters level now, he should just drop roles and gtfo the game?

Yes, exactly.

Your PC issues don’t give you the right to drag down 5 people, it sucks for you but it doesn’t have to suck for 5 others.

Just to clarify:
We’re not discussing someone’s internet going down for 5 minutes, we’re talking about a person who DELIBEREATELY enters games where they know they won’t be able to pull their weight due to technical issues on THEIR end.

You do not have the right to force your problems upon 5 other people.

Should a new player never play competitive because he will drag down the plat players he gets put with initially?

This guy is still probably a diamond/plat player even with the PC issues. He shouldn’t ever play comp because his ELO is too high at the moment?

Do you not understand the concept of decay? What exactly is confusing you?

Do you fail to grasp he will drop down to wherever he belongs without having to screw people over?

The difference between him and a new player is that he has a choice to get to his MMR, a new player doesn’t.

This dude can always go play quick play or arcade, he has no right to ruin ranked for his teammates, end of story.

MMR does not decay. MMR does not decay. MMR does not decay. MMR does not decay. MMR does not decay.

As someone who has decayed from 3600 to 3000, MMR does not decay. Even if his SR is 3000, he will still be placed with and against masters players.


It does, it’s the same s**t system used on HotS

It absolutely does not.

I don’t like making others mad so I might stick to someone who isn’t hindered by <144 hz. IE: Moira, Brig, Mercy, Rein, Winston, Junkrat, etc. I still want to play the game though.

I don’t know where you got the idea that I have a large ego. :stuck_out_tongue: I try not to.

To be fair lots of players still play with a 60hz monitor despite the disadvantage. It’s more common than you might think :stuck_out_tongue:

So many people still enter comp with bad internet, but if it made that much of a difference they would fall to where they are supposed to be. I think I should still be allowed to enter comp the same way, I’d just like confirmation from blizzard that I won’t get automatically banned for some reason.

To be fair a lot of one trick torb mains have every right to ruin competitive for their teammates, blizzard has even confirmed that. No one wants a 2cp attack torb, so yes it is ruining the match in many people’s opinions. What I am doing is not so different.

Decay doesn’t effect your mmr dummy.