Reported for being a "smurf"?

Yeah i would be banned on all my smurf accounts by now. I know i got reported about 10-20 times/accused of hacking on my gold to masters treck recently.

I’m still not sure how I got banned in Quick Play, though. Granted, the game decided to re-queue me with the same 5-stack on the same team as them several times. I did not say a word, I just played tanks and supports because I felt like it, I didn’t throw at all, and just played to try and improve… after a few games… I got banned.

What did the email say?! Did you talk to blizzard?

I got banned for game sabotage, apparently. I appealed, but I only got unbanned by the end of the duration.

Yeah you can get auto banned for that one. You just have to talk to them. They pretty reasonable if you can explain you are playing your best you were just being bullied. There is a serious problem with people that acually do that. That why the auto ban exsist. People abuse that to stop having to play with players they concider bad. Those people need to be banned.

Sadly the system gets abused bro.

The thing is, there was no communication between me and that 5-stack. It was freaking Quick Play of all things. I’m still salty about it even though I got unbanned a few weeks ago. It just felt upsetting that even though I bought this game on a sale, I shouldn’t have to be at the whims of someone else who also is just a consumer just like me.

Which is a shame because, in terms of sheer gameplay, I haven’t had this much fun in years. The game is really fun to play, but this is massive horse poo if I can get banned because a stack decided to be a prick in QUICK PLAY!!!.

Right now, in general, I don’t even know if I want to touch the game. It just feels like its catering more to people that the system is fighting against.


Should I report this for holding up stereotypical gender norms implying men must be strong and/or that women cannot be?

See? That was a joke but this is how such a thin-skinned person acts. Everything is offensive to them. Everything. And we for some reason value in any capacity their offense taken.

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I understand what you mean let me clear it up a little bit I don’t really talk trash for say and say that someone straight up garbage just that let’s say “genji is going to do awful against their comp because they have a Winston and broig please switch off” you see how that could come off as kind of aggressive? Also update I got silence for 6 days Bois.

Sure go right ahead. I actually paused while writing it, and thought, is this ok?

I kept it because ban and man rhymed. :slight_smile:

There are such weird reasons people write the way they do

That’s not what he said at all.

He said that smurf accounts will eventually end up at the same SR as their main account.

However he failed to address the fact that for every match a smurf plays in that is lower SR than their main that they are effectively cheating as per the reporting system’s definition of same with regards to unfair advantage.

A high SR player on a lower SR smurf has an unfair advantage over other players in the match actually at that lower SR.

And as the game states anything that affords an unfair advantage is cheating.

dude, some people in this community just want to report people for everything, even if it doesnt make sense.
I once played against a Hanzo in QP, sniped him with widow 2 times and then he called me a hacker. I only got 4 kills that match…

Your wrong dont make me dig up his post again.

So why would it be any different for someone in masters-t500.

What you are doing is twisting his words to help your objective.

You need to stop.

You also glossed over the fact that, for the games that a smurf is in that are lower SR than their main that they are cheating thanks to an unfair advantage.

That’s what Jeff failed to address in his post, and you continue to fail to do so as well.

Your wrong I have t250 friends who have played their best and placed in silver. I myself have placed in gold 3x times and am a masters player.

Your absuing the wording of the report system to make your argument sound correct. Anyone with a iq over 50 knows your incorrect. Stop trolling.

I’m not doing anything of the sort. Consider yourself reported & muted.

you should only get banned from being reported as a smurph if you are playing outside your rank, (intentionally deranking)
otherwise youll climb and people wont report you

Hate ppl like u… Take all the fun out of the game… Talking trash is part of the game, like it or not… Thats what we real gamers do…

I have over 1200hrs on my other acct . I have at times been toxic AF.

I have never received any notifications about it.

You need a hard look at your own behaviour.

I’m going to be honest with you I hardly talk and when I do it’s things like “aye can you switch your going to get dumpsterd by that Winston” the meanest thing I can recall myself saying is “we lost because of you but it’s okay”

No, it’s absolutely not what real gamers do.

Real gamers have more respect for their fellow gamers.