Report Smurf option

Yeah and they are all lowlifes. No one is defending them here. It’s just that some people are obviously obsessed about smurfing issue and think anyone with an alt account is doing what you say.


Throwing games to drop rating is reportable, yes

Smurfing? I doubt it. Hell, even my 2nd acc got placed in low gold for some reason and i was completly demolishing the enemies till high plat. By ur logic i wouldve been banned because of blizzards mmr system

No ty man.


Smurfing isn’t a problem. If someone is smurfing below 3000 they gain SR based on their performance. Meaning the better they do the faster they climb… if you are getting stomped that badly by one person they’ll be completely out of your rank with two wins. As long as people are trying and climbing I don’t understand why this is an issue.

On the flip side if someone is purposefully deranking an account to destroy lower ranks, then that’s an issue.

And for the last time people… if you’re matched up with someone with a new account in quickplay… it’s not smurfing… there is no such thing as smurfing in quickplay… thanks.

Smurfing is definitely big problem… Its just, it will not stop you from climbing in long run.

And exactly how do you know that Gold player is actually Diamond?
Because in my games, people only have 1 rank.

You want to ban every low level player that’s better than you, that’s pathetic dude.

There’s no way that you can determine if somebody is new or a smurf and you can’t report people for it. You can only report people for throwing if they do it

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Lmfao if you read it and clicked the link in the article he literally posted on the forums saying its not cheating

Im sorry you want it to be cheating so badly

There is his comment starting a new account even if you are t500 and being placed lower IS NOT AGAINST THE RULES IE: ITS NOT CHEATING

You feel having an unfair advantage is cheating ok lets play by your rules

Me having faster internet than someone who lives in a rural area?? Unfair advantage

Me getting a diamond player who used to be masters on my team? Unfair advantage

Someone from the other team DCing and letting us cap point before he returns the game should start over as that was an unfair advantage

Maybe if you stopped crying in the forums about smurfs why dont you take it as a leaning expierence and learn to play better

No where in the rules does it say “creating another account and playing at a lower rank than you main is cheating”

Anything can be an “unfair advantage”

And the fact i linked you to JEFF him self saying its not against the rules and you still want to say it is shows youre not looking to be informed but that youre here to cry until they make smurfing reportable because you dont like being beaten by someone you think is a higher rank than you

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“But steal is heavier than feathers” =
“Defined by their rules”
That’s about how he sounds lol. Everyone else can use sounds logic but him apparently

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So, here is a hypothetical.
You walk on to a football field. You see 12 people lined up, facing each other.
on one side, you see 4 guys, about 6.5 feet tall. They are wearing paper masks of some random little kid. They are pretending to be 6th graders… Then you see two actual 6th graders on their side.
On the opposite side, you see five 6th graders, and one 7th grader.
They are about to charge at each other, to see who can tackle who the hardest…
Who do you think is going to win? The obvious answer, and the only answer, is the team with 4 full grown dudes, veritable giants, is going to squash the team of real 6th graders.

That is creating an extremely unfair advantage to the side of actual 6th graders.

You have a team with a couple of smurfs on it going against a team of people that actually belong in that rank (or are at least working through it) and its going to likely be a massacre.

Now imagine if you saw this, and it was just a bunch of grown men beating up little 6th graders, and you call the cops…by your logic, you are the bad guy. You were supposed to just let the adults beat the little 6th graders into the ground.

Your logic is broken beyond anything I have ever seen on the forums, and I was on the World of Warcraft forums for 13 years my dude. You literally just took the cake.

No, I lied. You took the whole damn bakery.


Your analogy is ridiculously flawed. Your analogy literally involves violence against children but for some reason im supposed to call it the same thing and take you seriously? hard pass on that one.

But anything makes an unfair advantage

Someone having better internet
A team having a leaver for 2 mins
A 2 stack where 1 is 900 sr above the other
Having a thrower
Having someone refuse to switch making you lose
One team having more communication than the other

Smurfs aren’t reportable

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“If i cant beat the enemy. They must be smurfing or cheating lawl”

It’s very easy to tell who’s a smurf on console.

Never said that. What’s pathetic is your assumptions.

There is on console. Smurfs are obvious.

You can, actually, according to the reporting system’s definition of cheating because smurfing affords an unfair advantage.

Exactly how? Because it still only shows one rank

You complain about players better than you and that they should be banned, multiple times. Nothing is an assumption

Again how?

Funny you keep quoting the report system yet fail to acknowledge the line

Playing better is not cheating

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playing in lower tiers in a video game = killing living things
heard it here first y’all

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He does not specifically say “its not cheating”.

He said “starting a new account is not against the rules” and it’s not. But if you’re a Diamond player and you start a new account and then do your placements and for whatever reason you end up in Gold, then you have an unfair advantage over actual Gold players and, according to the reporting system, that’s cheating.

It’s not me saying it. I’m just quoting from the rules in game.

He says nothing about “even if you are t500 and being placed lower”.

Stop putting words in his mouth to support your own stance.

I don’t feel that. It’s Blizzard that says so in the reporting system in game.

It’s an advantage, to be sure, but not an unfair one at all.

Also not unfair.

Also not unfair.

And that’s where I’m done with you. There was no need to resort to toxic comments. Flagged and muted.

Smurfing is not a simple matter of just “playing better”.

Of course a Diamond player on a Gold smurf will play better than the actual Gold players, because they’re Diamond skill level not Gold.

That’s just common sense.

But how do you know it is actually a Diamond player?
You say it is so easy, so how?

And failing to answer that question is an answer as well

Im done arguing jeff said its not against the rules there for its NOT REPORTABLE but keep crying about it :slight_smile:

If it was cheating thats what he would have said :slight_smile: i guess the only unfair thing to you is a gm playing on a gold account

And the flagging my comment and muting me :ok_hand: i see the kind of person you are in game now the ~slightest~ inconvience and your “muted and reported for abusive chat”

I really cant wait for you to get slapped with a ban for false reports

Especially if you think someone telling you to stop crying on the forums after being showed smurfing is not cheating

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you do the same cause it doesnt state that making more acounts to drop raks is "not "cheating so please stop being right cause clearly your not

Your reply is nearly incoherrent. It Does state that dropping “raks” is cheating. Thats literally not what the topic is about though.

I cant stop being right lol someone is right and wrong here and it just happens im right because…facts.

Id like to see Comixfan get a forum ban every time he knowingly spreads misinformation to the masses who WILL come here in the future and look up things they find on google. Because of his persistence and blizzards desire to just let everything go and lack of forum guidelines one player can cause massive damage to the understanding of how anything in this game works.

If only there were a rule against knowingly spreading outright lies or just general misinformation.