Repeated Crashes

My game crashed continually due to a quota underflow stemming from a faulty hard drive (has since been replaced), but unfortunately I am now banned from the rest of season 13. Can this be pardoned, or am I forced to wait for season 14? I understand why if not - A DC is still a DC regardless, and I’m unsure if anyone here even physically posses the ability to do so, just figured I might as well find out.

edit: This was the error causing my entire PC to crash. I believe the issue was not directly linked to Overwatch, although I never looked into it specifically as it hasn’t occurred since the hardware replacement.


I completely understand how frustrating this issue was to run into on top of the penalty system. I’m happy to see you found the reason and got it resolved so you can avoid this again in the future.

We cover this type of question in the pinned post above located Here. Others were still impacted by this issue and thus the penalty would not be overturned. In the future if you ever run into on going issues try staying away from competitive till the issue has been resolved, you can troubleshoot in vsAI or if you think the issue may be resolved try a few games in Quickplay before returning to competitive.

If you have any feedback on the penalty system in relationship to technical issues please voice this on our General Forums.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply, I assumed this would be the case, your reasonings are 100% understandable.

My reason for not avoiding competitive during this was that it wasn’t every game. Sometimes it was first game, other times I could get a whole session in uninterrupted.

My final question which I should’ve mentioned more clearly the original post is that there is no time limit on my ban - it just says unable to play while banned. Does this run out next season or is this permanent?


That would indicate a season ban. You’ll need to wait for next season to play competitively on this account. We appreciate your understanding at any rate, and if you find that the technical issues return while playing other modes, you can reach out and we can look for other problems with you.

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Thanks for clearing everything up, I appreciate you taking the time to do so!