Repeated crashes since Season 6 launched is ruining games

As the title says, I’ve been getting repeated crashes when I play overwatch, and they don’t seem to have a correlation with each incident, and it has cost me at least half of my comp matches by now. Luckily I was able to rejoin before any unjust punishments were placed on my account, yet, but these crashes are making the game literally unplayable. The latest were 2 in a row in qp. The first was during the flashpoint gamemode, mid fight on the first point. The second was the game I queued directly after, in Busan. I had just picked a character, and it crashes. Both times I picked Illari, but she can’t be the sole cause of these crashes because it’s happened in comp the most, where she’s inactive.

Some help from the devs, or even confirmation I’m not the only one it’s happening to, would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The game is launched with the launcher, and all my drivers are up to date. Graphics are all set to medium and it’s all being ran on a 4090, 32gb ddr5 ram and an intel i9. I’d assume it’s not a hardware issue, since every other game I have plays perfectly fine.

Edit: Here’s the dxdiag text file on a google doc because it’s too big to fit :confused:

Those report IDs are only useful to the staff and ticket system. On the forum you’ll need to provide a DxDiag for troubleshooting.


I’ve been having constant crashes since Season 6 too, I switched over to Steam instead of, seeing you’re using at least tells me it’s not a Steam related issue

@Fourdredd you got any solution related to the problem? same for me.

Ok so I got it to work somehow. I searched a bit and found a discussion about crashes in overwatch but it’s already a few months old. He said that replacing his RAM was the solution. I tried it and it worked. I changed my position also if you are not able do change position only take it out and put it back in. Maybe it’ll work for you guys

I can try that, but idk if thats the prob, cuz the pc is only a few months old at this point, and has run perfectly for a while. I’ll update if that is the solution tho. Just got suspended from comp from 2 crashes in the same game.

Update: that wasnt it

My sister bought a new car that was in the shop after 1week. Stuff happens.

You can have the newest, best rig in gaming and still have malfunctioning RAM, or at least some error that causes a RAM malfunction when you play OW.

Electronics are finicky like that.


Just in case you’d like to do the thing.

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