Rendering device lost

Ok , i just got another one of these during the start of a competitive match that was waiting 10 minutes to get into. Could not rejoin since it was the start of it, and the game was cancelled because of me “leaving” the game. Got my SR reduced, my endorsement level went down and now i have another 10 minute penalty for “leaving”. After those 10 minutes i will prolly have to wait another 10 minutes to find another match.

Fun times, thanks Blizzard for your amazing game.
I love waiting to find a game to be disconnected from so i can wait s’more.

I have tried EVERYTHING i found online to prevent this from happening, but nothing worked.
Would really appreciate some help.

My pc specs for whoever might need em are:
CPU : i7 8800k (stock speeds)
GPU : 2080 RTX Ti - Aorus (Stock clock speeds)
RAM : 16 gb
PSU : Corsair RM650x (650w)
SSD drive


make sure your computer is cooled
make sure you have nothing else open
if you have a pc or a laptop which lets you do so, limit the voltage and speed or smthg
make sure you disable all background applications and tanks

Okay, not that i havent tried those but here we go:

Computer is cooled. All parts are within the acceptable temps.

I should be able to have other things open, since my rig is a high end one.

It’s a PC, so limit voltage to what end? Voltage towards what? Speed? not sure what you are talking about.

Again my PC can handle quite a bit of stress.

Never seen latptop with corsair psu.

Back to topic try this:

Thanks, but… read again, it’s not a laptop, it’s a PC.

It doesn’t matter if your PC can handle more tasks. Overwatch can’t. Disable all unneccessary tasks and see what happens.

Mine crashes at start of maps quite frequently. Let me know if you find a fix.

Overwatch should not be related to other tasks.

It shouldn’t, but that’s the way it is. Why don’t you just try it?

System: I have X amount of resources available
Overwatch: Okay… Nom Nom Nom
System: Hey, you’re getting really close to munching the memory address range of your video card…
Overwatch: pauses, looks confused, grabs another handful of tasty memory Nom Nom Nom
System: Welp, there goes the memory handles for the graphics hook.
Overwatch: BuuUUuuuUUuuuUuuRp looks around confused as everyone has gone away. Sighs happily full. Awaits next meal.

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I’m not saying that this is your problem, but I’d certainly look at it before I looked at upgrading anything else in your rig.

2080RTX TI is a power hungry card. When the match starts, it pushes the graphics card, and that graphics card needs power to run. If it’s not there, it could cause the issue you’re seeing.

Then again, if this ONLY happens in OW, I’d point to OW.

In the past, with another pc i had, this manifested itself by PC crashing… Losing the rendering device, because of lack of power doesn’t make much sense, but i’ll look into it.

This has been happening to me, Tech support said to keep one’s driver up to date, but it keeps occasionally happening.

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A lack of power would cause the rendering driver to give up the ghost, but Windows would salvage the OS and just restart the driver, thereby saving whatever you had open at the time.

Something else you can try, and this is a long shot, but try closing down Chrome browser if you have it open in the background. Chrome is a pig, and will nom away on your memory with zero consideration to your system resources.

Drivers are updated for me… but that’s the canned response to get things off their backs

Dont overclock anything?

I know but my memory monitoring reports around 45% usage while having both OW and Chrome running at the same time… I don’t think its a memory issue.

I haven’t ?

Just for curiosity sake, when was the last time your machine was restarted?

Yeah, I know, typical Tech Support question, but it has merit. Windows OS’s are notorious memory hogs, with numerous memory leaks. Those memory handles get locked out the longer Windows runs and has uptime, eventually marking all the memory leaked area as unusable until reboot.

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Well i shut my system down every night… sometimes i restart due to installs / uninstalls within the day.

How is any of this their fault? Should they not punish leavers so they become rampant? Would that make the game better?

Have you tried this thread?

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