Rendering Device Lost

I’ve battled this problem off and on for months now and it’s been a huge source of SR loss.

It’s a real PITA when you get dumped early in the match and can’t rejoin because the match is now cancelled.

RIP my SR.

I dealt with the same problem for a long time, and I came up to these conclusions:

  1. Your (our) GPU is old. Friends with newer systems never dealt with this problem.

  2. OW is poorly optimised. This is the only game that gave me problems with my old GPU, even in the lowest of settings.

Unfortunately, we need upgrades to enjoy this game, even if we shouldn’t get a new GPU. And this sucks. A lot.

If you’ve got an RTX card try this every single time the game updates:

If you don’t you can try these:

But, I wouldn’t count on any of that working. Blizzard is Blizzard after all.

It has nothing to do with old gpu, it used to happen on my 780ti (yeah I know that is older, but keep reading) when my system was getting too hot.
Look at the gpu and cpu temps when this happens.

Once I swapped out my AIO watercooler for my noctua nh-d15s , and I reapplied thermal paste to my cpu, I never saw this error again.

RTX card is a different issue.

*nzxt Cam can help monitor temps, it is free.

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Weird, this usually happens when I open my PC, while the temperature is still very low.

Luckily, I didn’t encounter this problem since a long time, but if it shows up again, I’ll check the temps. Thanks for the advice!

If it happens when you startup I would check the thermal paste situation and then check if the case needs dusting. Make sure your overall airflow is not being obstructed.

Dust out the cooler on your vid card too.

But starting with the temp monitoring is the least amount of work :slight_smile:

Just as a fun aside, I was playing the game of my life as Hammond. 44 elims on a 4 route 66 until the last few seconds … KA POW … lost rendering device.

Penalty SR
10 Timer
Lost it for ma team!