Rendering device lost

I was told to repost from the bugs forum to here

I keep getting the rendering device lost error message but it never used to be too much of an issue because it would just send me to the desktop and would happen once a week tops. Now however it happens at least 3 times a day and hard locks my entire computer so I have to reset every time it happens. This only started after the latest update. And I can’t play comp because of how often it happens.

For some extra information I am running a ryzen 2600x (at stock), a RTX 2070 (a small overclock that has had extensive stress testing on it so that I could be sure it was 100% stable) and running off a Samsung 970 evo nvme ssd.

I’ve tried most of the things in the forum and none of them worked, I have kept my overclock on my gpu because I a done a lot of synthetic testing to make sure it’s stable and so it’s not a stability issue. Also why did the latest update change it from a soft crash to the desktop to a hard freeze needing a restart of my whole computer

Being on a RTX card we recommend posting the thread over here. This is something that we’re currently working with Nvidia on. The workaround in that post has helped for some. Some players have also been able to get around this by deleting the Nvidia Overwatch profile by using Nvidia Inspector.

As part of troubleshooting, we would also want to disable the overclock to test.