Rendering device lost

just buy new computer
keep getting this message ‘Rendering device lost’’

its run destiny 2 really well but some reason keep getting this messsage
only this game i get this problem

Im using intel but i will try this

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I used to have this problem too. Everything I played worked perfectly and this would only occur when I played overwatch that I gave up on trying to fix it since nothing I tried worked then like 2 months after I tried playing again and never encountered the problem again.

yaaa, its still do it :confused:

I have done this as well and it is still not working

Uninstall all video drivers using DDU in safe mode.

Go back to windows normal, but disconnect internet first (so it doesnt auto download an updated video driver)

Download Nvidia Hotfix 445.78 install as clean.

Reapply your usual settings in NVCPL

Dont use Screen sharpening.

Reboot, re-enable net.


how am I supposed to download a driver when my net is disabled?