Rendering Device Lost

Lately ive been getting a ton of crashes and am losing lots of sr because of it.

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Troubleshooting for the “Your Rendering Device Has Been Lost” error can be found here

Please avoid Competitive Play until you can resolve this issue and test thoroughly in a non-Competitive mode. Penalties cannot be reversed and SR cannot be restored,

Sounds like this is a driver issue, at least I am hoping. I just got a 2080 TI and have been getting this at random.

yea none of that has helped with my issue

Rollback your nVidia drivers to Sept 9, 2018 release. The newer ones have 20-series drivers and are causing this error if you’re not using a 20-series card.

Its causing this error even if you do have a card. I feel like I am being punished for upgrading my pc.

I have a 2080 and I get this error too. Ever since the Halloween patch. Blizz really needs to get on fixing this. The game should not even be detecting card frequencies. (It happens on OC’d 20 series cards mostly. The game is detecting the OC and crashing to try to stop it. This includes FACTORY OCs which we can do nothing about.)

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I have a 1080gtx and have never had any problems with Overwatch crashing until around the time the Ashe patch came out. I have gotten this error a few times since, and the last time I crashed, my whole PC crashed instead of just the game.