Rendering Device Lost

Games been out for almost 2 years and it’s still an issue. No updates. Nothing. My game crashes instantly if I alt-tab with G-Sync turned on and still randomly crashes even when it’s not. How is this still an issue?

I’ve never played a game that had issues like this before. Yet they barely say a word about it.

Having the same problems. Happens to me about once every 90 minutes of playing on average. Sometimes 3 in the same hour. Have tried everything i can think of. Older drivers, reinstalling windows, reinstalling overwatch, underclocking graphics, and playing on all low settings. None of it matters.

Either software crash, or your card is heating up too much.

You used any canned air to get the dust off?

Whatever is happening is going to be a personal issue with your system. I’d completely clean my graphics card drivers with DDU and then make sure your card isn’t overheating.

Also it might be better to play with fixed refresh rate over gsync. Less input lag that way.

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Pretty sure it’s not blizzards responsibility to fix your computer.

Have tried everything mentioned. Fresh windows install, 2 different graphics cards all with different driver versions. Reinstalled Overwatch several times. I also monitor my Graphic card temp while playing. The post was simply agreeing with the masses that seem to continue to have this problem. There is nothing wrong with my computer.

I had this issue too- fixed it by changing my fps cap from 100 something to 60.

Yeah that used to happen to me nearly daily.

Then, my GPU died.

Once I installed a new GPU, I never saw the error again.


There are many reasons for a Rendering Device Lost issue. Please start here or post in the Technical Support forum for more help:

I’ve had this same issue. The fix was to completely revert my graphics card drivers to a previous build I knew to be working (this was around the time the latest OpenGL spec was announced, which is funny considering this is DirectX I believe, maybe just a coincidence)

Mostly the “it’s just your personal system” is a pretty unhelpful answer to be honest. Everybody’s problems are going to be unique to their experience but for now you’re just going to have to try going intot the NVidia device settings and try changing features till it works.

SLI systems face reliablility issues here, as there are a lot of known bugs with SLI and Overwatch.

Consider filing a bug report