Rendering device lost - Unable to play!

Recently after the last update, I’ve been constantly getting “Rendering Device Lost” error, and it has made the game unplayable. I didn’t have any issues at all playing the game before the update. The “YOUR RENDERING DEVICE HAS BEEN LOST” thread didn’t solve anything for me.

My graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080, and I have the latest drivers, also, my CPU is i7 8700k if it matters. I’m able to play every other game without issues, besides Overwatch.

Do you have the drivers from November 13, 2018 now?

I was having this problem on my RTX 2080Ti Founder’s edition and after a number of chats with blizzard tech support, they tokd me this is a TDR issue, which means the error is thrown by windows because the GPU stopped responding for a fraction of a second. they advised me to contact Nvidia.

I contacted Nvidia. They asked me to do the following and contact them if the issue still persists. here is what they’ve asked me to do :

Open NVIDIA control Panel (Right click on desktop and click on NVIDIA control panel) > Go to Manage 3D settings, under 3D Settings > select Program Settings > Select app/game from the dropdown menu > if it is not listed in the dropdown menu then click Add then select the respective .exe to the list (I was having problems with my Overwatch, so I selected Overwatch from the list) > And now change these settings from Option 2.

  • Power management mode - prefer maximum performance
  • Tripple buffering - Off
  • Threaded optimization - ON
  • vertical Sync - off

Apply these settings, refresh the Desktop several times, start the game play and check the performance

I have played for an hour after making these changes and have not had a problem since. Will post an update if I encounter the problem again.

Hope this helps anyone facing similar issue.