Rendering device lost, please read

I was kicked from comp games with my rtx, I have never been so frustrated. Blizzard says it’s with multiple games. It’s only been with OW For me. I have switched multiple cards:

Gtx 1060 6G no problems
Gtx 1070 ti no problems
Vega 64 NO problems

Put my rtx 2080 back in and first game well im sure you can figure out what happened. By the way, no problems with apex, anthem or destiny.

This is frustrating beyond belief

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The issue you are facing is solely happening with the RTX graphics cards from NVidia.

Not sure where Blizzard said it is happening with multiple games because I don’t recall them ever saying this in the sticky thread of this forum concerning your issue. They have actually admitted it is an issue with Overwatch only but it stems from an automatic setting in NVidia’s profile which only NVidia can easily fix as soon as they know exactly what is causing it.

You should try to log in to the game with a renamed Overwatch.exe into something like OverwathTest.exe. You will have to remake this file every time the game patches. For a bunch of us this fix is working. I do am starting to wonder if the 2080 works with the renaming method. Often I see people claim it doesn’t work for them and most of them seem to own a 2080. But you can at least try out to see if the renaming method works for you.

As OrangeLion mentioned, this is an issue that we’re aware of and have been looking into with Nvidia. The workaround mentioned which has helped some players can be found in the stickied post here.

As this is related to the same issue, we’ve gone ahead and closed this thread and recommend posting in the stickied RTX thread.