Rendering device lost error

I keep getting this error and it is only with Overwatch. I have an ROG Strix RTX 2060 (only factory overclocked) and it only started happening a couple months ago. I have been seeing plenty of other posts about this issue.

I have also been seeing “fixes” that are not working for most of the people commenting on the threads.

I hope Blizzard addresses this issue.

Have you tried the only fix Blizzard wants us to use, namely renaming Overwatch.exe to something like OverwatchTest.exe? I am afraid that if you try the fixes put forward by others you could easily make the crashes occur more often instead of less, or somehow mess up the renaming method.

Going to be closing this thread as it is going to be related to the RTX thread we currently have sticked. The workaround mentioned by OrangeLion can be found here. We recommend posting in that thread so we can keep the reports consolidated.