Rendering device lost again, banned again

I cannot reply to any forums, asking questions or anything. Ive had several people try to give me info and help with updates but ive done all the updates, i havent touched anything to do with over clocking and my comp will never overheat… i cannot reply back to my posts or others “please wait for others to participate”?! Can i please get a better answer for this. Ive been banned yet again because of this stupid issue and its incredibly unfair and extremely frustrating.

It’s likely that no one replied to the other post because you communicated that you did not want to do more troubleshooting and are taking a break. The forums have spam protection that prevents new posters from replying to themselves or duplicating information.

I went ahead and replied to your other post so you can add more there, but if you want to guarantee an answer from the staff, you should use the ticket system. They read most stuff here but not all.

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