Render device lost + Game lockup crash

I have a month old custom PC that has had no issues until today. This evening I started getting a render device lost error and then the game will also lock up and you are unable to kill it with task manager only hard reset fixes, even trying to shutdown/restart just hangs with a spinning cursor. End task is an option but it never actually closes. I can still move my mouse and open programs while its frozen but the pc is very slow.

The only thing I could find that has changed today is windows update installed kb4495667.

Things I have tried:
Confirmed all system temps are 45-65c at the time of crash by running hwmonitor.
Installed Nvidia latest driver v 430.39
Ran SFC scan to validate system files - no issues found
Disable all unnecessary startup background running programs.

Crash happens randomly maybe 30min - 2 hours apart. Crash happens on live playing arcade and quick play, and happens on PTR playing custom games. I have not tried comp since the issue started. Game is still running normally between crashes, fps is 144 and capped to my monitors spec.

Intel i9 9900k
RTX 2070 ROG Strix
ROG Strix Z390-E mb
16 gb 3200mhz gskills ram
Windows 10 64 bit
750w psu
soundblaster Z

If anyone has anything further I can try please let me know.

Being on a RTX card we recommend posting the thread over here. This is something that we’re currently working with Nvidia on. The workaround in that post has helped for some. Some players have also been able to get around this by deleting the Nvidia Overwatch profile by using Nvidia Inspector.