"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


Can we get an update?


you can remove overwatch profile froms nvidia driver, with “nvidia inspector”


Can we get an update Blizz?


i still face the same issue if I use the launcher but works fine with overwatchtest.exe method


Why are my frames now capping at 70-80? I have it set to Custom 300, Ultra settings. Vsync OFF. Setting in Nvidia settings for Vsync is USE 3D APPLICATION’S SETTING. So why am I not seeing my 200 FPS anymore?


Still going strong without crashes on 418.81. I’m now updating to 418.91… fingers crossed.


Everything was working fine when I downgraded to 416.34, no crashes for weeks.

Then I updated to 417.71 and It’s been crashing a lot, even with the OverwatchTest.exe method


timotmcc, you should try 418.81 or above… that fixed it for me.


i think nvidia have fixed it in the newest driver version.
Its OverwatchLeague time with RTX GPUS :slight_smile:


Still having the issue even after the latest nvidia driver.


I still just launch from OverwatchTest… not sure when I’ll ever go back to the launcher honestly. Unless I’m playing a different game of course.


The fix is working for me. However decided to update my driver to 418.91 and tested the game by launching it the normal way and I can confirm the new driver does not resolve the issue.


I just heard about this error today and read my way through the whole thread. For about 2.5 months now I have a 2070 Strix O8G, and since then OW crashes constantly in comp games. I will try the OverwatchTest.exe tomorrow as a workaround. But the latest Nvidia driver from 13.02.19 definitely doesn’t fix the problem.

I should note that I switched from a 1070 Strix O8G and had no problems there. I even did a clean install of Win10 in the meantime. Temperatures are definitely not a problem in my system.

I hope for some solutions soon… 200sr lost :confused:


I can guarantee that it’s the drivers having a bad interaction with Overwatch, and that if you were using the latest drivers with 1070 or 1080, you would still have the issue. Try the oldest RTX compatible drivers and you will not experience this issue.


This might fix an issue, but doesn’t let me play BF5 properly then. E.g. DLSS is just supported by the latest driver :frowning: And always swapping the drivers is a bit annoying :sweat_smile:


Just try OverwatchTest. I haven’t had an issue ever since the fix was first mentioned in this thread. I started using it around the same day or at least very close to it. I think it has been almost a month, with no crashes.


I have an interesting point to throw in this topic if you allow me. I had a “look alike” problem trying to play “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” related to a “Unreal Engine Fatal Error” related to “video card ceased to respond” (d3d device lost). Different game, different engine, same problem. I even noticed certain moments when the system ceased to respond for a little time and then the screens turns black for a moment and everything respond again. This may be the same problem in Windows too.

answers .unrealengine .com /questions/545292/unreal-engine-is-exiting-due-to-d3d-device-being-l-3.html?sort=oldest

What I think is a problem related to DirectX or the Video Card driver that makes the video card stop responding until the driver is reset. In Windows, there’s no problem, but in games this causes a “fatal error”.

If you happen to have another game that causes this problem, try OpenGL or Vulkan for testing purposes (if the game allows you, of course). With this, we could isolate the problem to Direct or to Driver related. Are Ati/AMD users having this problem too?

I hope this topic leads us to a solution for this conundrum of sorts.


This feature of Windows is called Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR).


Certainly, and probably that’s what saves my desktop (and maybe some of yours) of getting BSOD when the video card stops responding. But in games that system is for no use.


Any word on the progress of fixing this bug? I know Drakuloth mentioned it is an issue with the driver profiles, but has there been any updates in patching the issue? The “OverwatchTest.exe method” has been working fine for me, but with frequent updates and patches being carried out by both the Overwatch Team and Nvidia, I’m not too sure when it will be safe to go back to the launcher.