"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX


The same as I had before I started using the Test method. I am playing on Ultra with my FPS being Display-Based. I changed it, from Epic and FPS as high as possible, to that after I experienced my first crash on my newly installed RTX-card.


I rolled back to 416.34 and doing the overwatch rename work around recommended to me in a customer support ticket. Seems to have fixed the issue.


I just got rendering device lost in comp game FFS. It counted a loss, then I rejoined and we won in OT. So I got a loss and a win for the same match. Event log says “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

Is that what everyone else is getting from the log when the crashes happen?


Yes, that is the error in the event log. It is a generic error code though. It could happen with any type of video card. This particular thread is solely about the RTX. If you have an RTX you may want to try to change Overwatch.exe to OverwatchTest.exe to see if that stops you from crashing (getting the same error). Changing the name overrides any driver profile for Overwatch you may have which seems to be, at least for some of us, where the problem lies.


i have renamed the .exe to OverwatchTest.
I test it and post the result here.

But now, i have fps drops from 146 to 70/80 fps when i go into to emote menu or in the text chat. anyone here too?


It has to be OW right? I mean all of these people with RTX cards it can’t all be faulty cards I hope? Has the OW test method worked for you? Has it caused any issues with FPS? Anything else? Kept same settings? Mine are Epic maxed frames to 300 in settings.

Do your other games crash? What games do you play? Black Ops 4? Destiny 2? Just curious.


Yes this is what I get. I rolled my drivers to 416.34 and renamed overwatch.exe to overwatch2.exe


I’ve bought myself a new MSI RTX 2070 gpu & Ryzen 2700X cpu.

I stream Overwatch on Twitch with OBS Live. I’ve peaked 3900 and I’m now somewhere around 3350 SR. I must have had this error over 10 times (meaning a minimum of 500 SR loss) in this ONLY month.

Event viewer is saying the following: “Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

So far I’ve tried:

  • Installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 x64 (with digital license).
  • Deinstalling my GPU drivers with DDU & reinstalling accordingly.
  • Following the nVidia recommended settings (vsync/max performance etc).
  • Viewed all my event viewer errors and fixed them (registery cleanup).
  • Capping max fps on 144 and 300 (tested seperately).
  • Played on high & low settings
  • Render scale on 100%, 75% and 150%
  • Installed MSI Afterburner and enabled the “Force Constant Voltage” setting.
  • 1 monitor and 2 monitor setting.
  • Borderless window mode & full screen mode.
  • Installing the latest bios/chipset drivers for my mobo with the help of CPU-Z

All the above has been tested with different variables (for instance 144 fps cap with fullscreen, or window no border & 300 fps cap border no window … msi ab voltage on/off). I think I’ve spend over 24 hours of testing (not to talk about the total month of constant checking temps / variables of settings).


i have these lags:

(No Lags in Hero Picks)

(Lags in a match)

its e GSYNC / Freesync Problem! Its in other Games too.


Did you try renaming the overwatch.exe to Overwatchtest.exe? Also try rolling back drivers to 416.34


Trying the possible OverwatchTest solution right now. Will report back & add if I crash. If that doesn’t solve it I’ll roll back to 416.34 or even as far back as 411.63. Thanks!


I’ve got the MSI RTX 2080 Duke OC. Turning off all but the standard factory OC and rolling back to 411.63 drivers seems to have done the trick. I completely removed all my drivers and did a fresh install of the legacy drivers, by the way. No crashes in 7 days.


Hi. Read the following if experiencing crashes:

This is not necessarily to do with the GPU. I will assume that many people here are running high frequency RAM after buying a GPU that yields higher frame rates. This allows for more CPU and RAM usage.

To all players experiencing a loss of GPU device bug:

Please try downclocking your RAM by 1 multiplier step (or multiple), even if running at XMP. Your CPU’s IMC or your motherboard are not strong enough for your RAM frequency. You might also consider increasing your SA and IO voltages in your BIOS slightly to see if this helps.

I run my RAM at 3866mhz CL12 without issue on an 8700k. 4000 will occasionally result in a rendering device lost crash.

9th gen Intel CPUs can run higher RAM frequencies without experiencing the above.

It’s worth noting SA voltage and other voltages in your BIOS can also affect PCIe power/performance/stability. It’s worth tweaking them, just be sure not to go too high.


For me it doesn’t matter if I run my RAM at 2133mhz or 3200mhz.
I should note my cpu is i7-9700k.


no it doesn’t helped.
its wayne, i run my RAM at 2133mhz or 3200mhz with XMP Profile :slight_smile:


Try tweaking the SA voltage anyway and potentially other voltages you have access to. They affect GPU/PCIe power and stability.


I too have used the rename .exe and rolled back drivers to 416.34, which seems to have fixed the issue.


Renaming overwatch.exe to overwatch2.exe and using drivers 416.34 has been working for me. It is not a hardware issue.


It is in many cases a hardware issue as described in my post. It may not be everybody’s issue, but it is very likely the case for a lot of people reading through this.


Captains log. Star date… who knows…

Came back to Overwatch after staying away, i enjoy playing it. Hopefully ‘rendering device lost issue’ is gone.

Get through placements, all good, first several games, all good. Load up with a friend to play… boom dropped in first 5 seconds of comp game. Lost 50 sr, banned for 10 mins. Where is the love blizz? Roll backs plz!!!