Remix Skins mean no new skins until OW2 (or maybe yes...)

I think this is the third time a developer has stated that there will be little to no new content till OW2 drops. And that all their man power is 100% focused on working on OW2 and trying to release the game as soon as they can.

“The more skins than any year” comment was said 1 TIME lol. Yet people remember that VERY clearly.
Yet they cant remember when the devs told them multiple times that expect little to no new content till OW2 drops?

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OWL should get a few skins before then if last year was any indication

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To be fair, that could be just mean that they do add 2 more skins on top of that with this exactl words, just saying :stuck_out_tongue:
Im fine even with recolors myself, just hope more of those to come, and for skins i liked.


Yeah they said that, and then they said the skins thing. So they need to stop giving misleading information to the players.

Blizz was subtly indicating that OW2 will release this year with lots of new skins - more legendary skins than ever. They didn’t mean they would release anything for OW1 and it would be surprising if they wasted time on them when they would have to redo them for OW2.


If they cancel summer games, archives and anniversary but not halloween and the winter wonderland: yes. It all hints at that.

And how hard is it to piece things together when the events have only scraps of new content. And whatever new content they drop are things like recolors that have little development time.
Of coarse it means the new skins and content than any year was an indication of OW2 on the horizon.

But people still wont get it. Even after the devs telling them now 3 times this is happening.
Expect 100 threads about this the next few days where people are still acting confused.

Remixed skins is fricken awesome.

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AndyB address the comment about there being more skins in 2022 here: So...more legendary skins this year than any other year...? - #12 by AndyB-11735

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Or, just a thought, they could’ve done what every other company with a live service game does and update their current game instead of making fans wait 3 years to get new content :man_shrugging:

List there other live service games that are doing this that are NOT free to play or have a subscription based system.
Because OW doesnt have that kind of business model. Not yet at least.

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I am happy with recolors…

Just don’t make them pale white, god

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that is reassuring if true lol, hopefully there isnt a catch to that statement :wink:

That does not change the fact that is was badly managed. To be honest that could be one of the reason it was badly managed. You have to compare it to other games in the genre and even if they are P2P or F2P they have still the same system. Like it or not. OW was terrible in providing meaningful content. Every 3 months something was slow then and the last 2-3 years we got nothing. You cant defend that. Or better: you should not.

How is it the same system as OW’s outdated system?
All the games at the top right now that have a free2play system or subscription based system make massive amounts of money from microtransactions and battle passes that make what OW makes in loot boxes laughable. Literal pennies in comparison.

Doesnt matter if Blizzard is a big company. If Team4 isnt making enough revenue, they shut down team4 and make the devs work on other Blizzard games instead. Games that actually make them money.
So them releasing OW2, falls in line with other game companies that release sequels to make money that dont have a free2play system.

Not necessarily, they could have replaced the next 3 events with remixes just as disguise for no new skins for those events and then releasing new skins again for Halloween & Winter events. Instead of giving 6 (or 2 based on Lunar event) new skins for 6 events, they only have to make them for 3 events.

The dva skin looks pretty cute ngl

How is it the same system as OW’s outdated system?

Isn’t that kind of the point? If f2p is what it takes to avoid not having content for 3 years until the sequel comes out due to lack of funding then maybe that’s the direction they should have taken with the game years ago. Also ow2 is… free if you own ow1. So either nothing changes and the game remains the same model as it is now (you pay for the game once and have all the content) at the cost of being unable to support the live game with updates like those other games do, or, ow2 becomes f2p. In which case that’s also a failure, and they should have Gone to a f2p system years ago instead of having a content drought while they develop a sequel. Either way they don’t win, and either way they handled it very poorly.

Idk maybe Im expecting too much and I just keep getting disappointed. I already expected no new heroes or maps until ow2 fine. But then lunar new year happened we barely got skins. Now this where we only get recolors and old challenge skins. Like cool but disappointing

That is a HUGE - hint to OW2 PvP going free2play. Its not hard to read between the lines.

Because that means it will probably go free2play, as in OW1 owners dont have to buy OW2 PvP. Why dont they have to buy OW2 pvp? Because it will be free for all.
(I might start a thread about this.)

The limits of the free PvP is unknown. But that means skins and cosmetics will be sold in some way. Whether it be mincro transactions or battle passes or some other new unexpected way.

The PvE will come later and will most likely have a price tag.

to my point. they really should’ve gone f2p much sooner if they were going to anyway, monetize the game to allow more frequent updates, and not have echo who came out 2 years ago be the last piece of real content we got while they worked on ow2