REMINDER: Less than an hour until Contenders match

The Chinese matches will be on the Contenders website today at 5PM PDT (less than an hour from now).
ALWAYS double check that you’re logged in!

Also if you are unaware already; you will not get the Contenders skins if you watch on YouTube. You will only be able to get them from watching on the Contenders homepage. Good luck!


Same issue, another day. When i click on Account to login on the right upper place, it just reloads the site.

Mod Edit: Vulgar language removed. When reporting an issue, just focus on the issue itself, no need for the language.

I get the same thing too. Even using orange “sign in” button at the bottom of the video results in nothing/not being sure if you’re logged in or not.

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Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to and see if the stream is still lagging or has a black screen
  2. If so, please right-click the :lock: icon next to the URL of the website.
  3. Click Cookies
  4. A list of web cookies will be shown, click each cookie and select remove
  5. Press Ctrl+F5 to do a hard refresh of the page
  6. Sign back into with your Blizzard Account
  7. Try to see if the stream starts to work