Remember these? Only true overwatch players will

I mean jumping puts you in a predictable arc. Hanzo would just aim towards your landing spot and release there.

Jeff I just want to suggest doing another “Overwatch Archives” panel at Blizzcon, but with Overwatch 2. We’d love to see footage of the development process of Overwatch 2 at some point after the game releases. :slight_smile:

This panel is my all time favorite out of any other Blizzcon panel I’ve seen.


I miss the shield generator and her right click that would go through shields.

it was so good for defeating defenders using bastion bunker comps on first point choke in 2cp. Right click spam the bunker comp behind their shields and get the shield gen ult in like 30 seconds.


I would love it if it was a line like Simple Geometry!

Damn, its been quite the journey, been playing since release

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never planned to be human! we use a ton of placeholder or “blockout” art when we’re building things


There is too much that has changed imo.

A lot of what made heroes like torb and sym unique has been removed.


Meanwhile wondering about ExC and Sym has a healer comment from you over a year or two ago.

oo alright makes sense now ^^


They were probably just using whatever bipedal assets were on-hand to get the “giant statue” concept across. The purpose of blocking out maps like this is to quickly create a representation of the shape/layout for play design, with minimal time spent on details.

Edit: Oh, he beat me to it anyway.


My god the shield gen was so gorgeous.


I mean look at all this people above who miss Sym as a support.

Why not try something on ExC?

Or is the ExC used for something different now, then that thing with 1/3/2?



These are some really neat screenshots if the early days… more so when it comes to the ones from Jeff himself!

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Theae were the brawls and they were fun! They had one called “we’re all Soldiers now.” Where you could only be Soldier 76. The pun game was strong. I still miss Mobawatch.

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sometimes i wonder what would have happened if overwatch never changed and it stayed with everything exactly how it was on release with all these things.
no hero limit, no roleqeue, no new characters, no balancing or reworks and no new maps.

That’s so awesome! Speaking of placeholders, I remember "the best reaper’s ultimate animation"

Wow, I forgot about some of that stuff.

Not the coin flip, though… we will never forget the coin flip.

that’s what the game is now lol wdym

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would you happen to have some of that for the newly reworked horizon lunar colony UwU?

Mobawatch was a brawl mode in the arcade where you couldn’t swap heroes once selected for the entire game mode. It made things interesting because you couldn’t swap to counter a good enemy, you had to change tactics instead.