Remember these? Only true overwatch players will

100 health? Jeff, OG hands hero is weak, can you please buff?


Alright, this is interesting.

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Hehe could’ve put up a titan picture as well :grimacing:

I remember when Genji/Hanzo were the same hero

Ah, I see you were prototyping the new fingergun hero


ok 200 buffed


What is this? These challenges look fun as heck!


200 is too much now, she’s unstoppable. Need nerf.


Show us a picture of the scary catepillars!

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Almost every tank in the game has an ability to overcome it, plus, pressing spacebar. Hanzo gives a visual indicator when he has scatter selected plus has to charge the arrow and it’s also a projectile so from distances you have reaction time. If you died to scatter arrow often as a tank, you probably sucked.

The statues were planned to be human before? They look kinda creepy e.e

That’s cheating Jeff XD

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Forgive me for asking… but junkrat has a certain… problem

he has giving an important question that he want to know

Will he ever be able feel a certain feeling again? Or at least be allowed to say it again

I want NEED more videos like these :sob:


I mean jumping puts you in a predictable arc. Hanzo would just aim towards your landing spot and release there.

Jeff I just want to suggest doing another “Overwatch Archives” panel at Blizzcon, but with Overwatch 2. We’d love to see footage of the development process of Overwatch 2 at some point after the game releases. :slight_smile:

This panel is my all time favorite out of any other Blizzcon panel I’ve seen.


I miss the shield generator and her right click that would go through shields.

it was so good for defeating defenders using bastion bunker comps on first point choke in 2cp. Right click spam the bunker comp behind their shields and get the shield gen ult in like 30 seconds.


I would love it if it was a line like Simple Geometry!

Damn, its been quite the journey, been playing since release

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never planned to be human! we use a ton of placeholder or “blockout” art when we’re building things