Reinhardt gets destroyed a little more with each patch

They increased the range on her primary fire.

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I don’t think you understand.

This thread is talking about the rework that is coming up that Geoff explained what has changed as of now. Not how she plays on live at the moment :slight_smile:

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Also, people saying to just whack her dead are probably forgetting that she is also getting a range increase on her primary fire and will likely never have to get in swinging range. And she will now have discount Pharah rockets as her alt fire. Rein is kind of screwed regardless.


Haven’t seen anything about the range increase. Can you link? What’s the new range?

It’s gonna be like a 100% Zarya melting your shield 24/7 with no reason to stop.
Well, there go any hopes of Rein being useful.

And I hope that these new orbs can’t penetrate barriers, because that would be just insulting.


There is no set number, but they did state it’s an increased range

This was my thought too. He said it doesn’t Pierce enemies, but he never said anything about barriers.


I think it’s a safe bet that it won’t pierce barriers. Everything that does(melee, fire strike) also pierces bodies. In other words, there isn’t anything that pierces barriers that won’t also pass through multiple heroes, doubt Sym will be the precedent.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Reinhardt buffs, but I don’t think the new Sym will hurt him much. You have to keep in mind that while yes, she’ll be good at breaking barriers, her orbs also don’t go through barriers anymore. If anything Rein should have an easier time against her since him and his allies won’t be chunked by her orbs, and she’ll have to be in close range (in the line of fire) to melt his shield.

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But it still benefits Symmetra to attack shields with it.

At the moment, it generates ammo by attacking barriers, as well as building charge off of them to attack other heroes.

And the highest level charge is now 195 DPS … :confused:

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I’m afriad that they will go straight through.
People always say that Symmetra is good at putting pressure on the pirate ship with her orbs, they might want to leave it this way.

Right, and another interaction I don’t see anyone talking about is New Sym primary will absolutely melt

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I am concerned by the wording on that, too…

I am wondering if barriers count as environments :thinking:


Yep, even Zarya at ~40% can get D.Va demeched pretty quickly.
Symmetra will have a very easy time against her.

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I have considered that, and I like that interaction.

But I also don’t want to sacrifice a hero who is already being power-crept. :frowning:


Brigitte’s stun has this functionality. Pierces barriers, then stops on impact (with a tiny AoE).

It isn’t unprecedented. I hope you’re right though, or that would just be broken. There would literally be nothing you can do but watch your health get chunked away in a matter of seconds.


ult doesnt work, many more counters to it than just a shield


I can already see him getting multiple turrets to choose from, one of which will penetrate barriers.


A decent Pharah can shoot near him, allowing for blast damage to get past both his mobility and deflect, especially once his deflect size is nerfed, and her long-range making him hitter her with shirikens next to impossible with his projectile speed.
Orisa is is the least likely on the list, but her Halt well used can shut him down when with a team.
Reinhardt’s swings hit very hard and don’t require much aim and can be used to shut down an ult-ing Genji very well if his targets, like the healers stay close.

…Doesn’t Genji deflect his hammer swings?