Reinhardt gets destroyed a little more with each patch

I’m also Genji main…but dang dude, Rein has been in worse spot than us. Sure we got a lot counters/brig(Straight direct nerf) and deflect “fix”. but it’s still not as bad as Rein, a lot of heroes kits can bypass his shield.


I honestly don’t like the possible change to the secondary fire, I want to keep the current orb, just make it faster and a little faster on the charge. Even Mei shoots off get icicle faster. That would be a decent charge speed

no she won’t be a shield breaker. Her beam doesn’t increase damage against barriers. Only against actual targets. She’ll deal her minimum damage which is a mediocre 65 dps. That won’t do ANYTHING against rein’s shield. It’ll just restore her ammunition, allowing her to shoot while not needing to reload.

As for mei’s wall, 25 meter range of teleporter, capability of putting it on highground which is significantly longer than the length of mei’s wall. You’re clearly underestimating the height and the distance that this new teleporter can bring on the table.

what you’re immediately jumping to as your final conclusion, is wrong. She’s no threat to rein. Only help.

As for dive being the king, I don’t think that’ll remain the case after briggete comes to comp. The level of coordination needed for dive to counter briggete is significantly higher than the level of coordination you need in a mirror match against her. So while dive would theoretically be a stronger choice, in comp people won’t pull it off.

Symm’s barrier-piercing alt-fire is also quite good against Rein, but yeah, the new beam does seem stronger.

You clearly don’t have any clue about what you’re talking about… sigh

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In other words, all the bugs that Genji should have never had were fixed and that hero is now less broken and annoying.

Stop crying us a river. We never asked for it.


Now that’s what I call KO !!


Maybe not at your rank, but in mine they will.

we’ll see in about 3 weeks, if they don’t change anything.

If I were a home owner, I’d bet my house that Winston will be the most picked main tank (Rein, Orisa, and Winston) in Grandmaster in the first month of season 10.

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You can take my house if you also take my mortgage?

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How much is left on it?


let’s hope you’re right. Trust me. I’d rather have dive than this garbage meta that is nearing.

like 500k, nothing big.

I’ll take it.

/s btw

I tried and that’s all that matters…

And also holy crud! Either your house is amazing or you must live in an area where real estate is ludicrously expensive.

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That is objectively false. Unless they’re changing it from current state, the ramp up effect works on shields.

Geoff confirmed that the ramp up will happen with the new symmetra beam on shields.

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