Rein and Zarya are not OP

Ok, so I want to start out by saying I think the Shatter nerf was a very good change. I also think it is the last nerf Rein should receive. They made it to where good Reins can still get the value they always have out of Shatter because they will act fast enough. But made it to where bad Reins may not act quick enough to get Shatters full value. Anyway, I LOVE Rein/Zarya/Lúcio brawl comps. I’m a Zarya main and Deathball is my absolute favorite comp in the game. But, I don’t approve of how insanely strong Rein and Zarya are right now. But I don’t think it’s because they’re OP. It’s because other Tanks suck. And I know that’s not news, but the amount of people calling for Rein and Zarya nerfs VASTLY outnumbers the people calling for other Tanks to be buffed. Which is a problem because, while it hasn’t happened yet, this will eventually lead to Rein and Zarya getting gutted with unnecessary nerfs. Just like Orisa and Sigma. If other Tanks don’t get buffed so they can be viable alongside Rein and Zarya, then they will be gutted, then whichever Tank combo takes their place will also be gutted. Then the cycle will continue, over and over again, until we have a pool of useless, weak Tanks. So how about we stop that now and test out Orisa, Sigma, Winston, and Roadhog buffs on Experimental? Some people need to realize that Rein/Zarya being too strong is not the problem, it’s other Tanks being too weak.


Forums can not accept by any means any buffs
Prepare for powercreep comments

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Well, you could probably do pretty massive buffs if it was 1-3-2.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

And you wouldn’t have to worry about how Overpowered DoubleBarrier is, or how Underpowered ZeroBarrier is.


But forums says 1-3-2 makes snipers too strong yada yada, we know the deal

Can’t wait for PvE. I won’t talk to anyone anymore lul

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Bliz: Lets fix weak DPS
“**** yeah, thats the stuff, praise Blizzard”

Bliz: Lets balance Tanks and Supports
"**** no, powercreep will destroy OW,


Couldn’t agree more lmao

That’s why with that method, it only has BarrierTanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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You know that “other tanks sucks” basically means they are OP

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Which basically means they are op because the rest sucks

What is going on now?

There are ways of buffering tanks that aren’t powercreep. No-ones damage, mobility, self-healing or health/armour should be increased though - that would be powercreep.

So like
What can we buff?

It just means the others are UP.

Nah, that’s the beauty of it.

1BarrierTank-3DPS-2Heal, where 1 of the DPS can go offtank

Guarantees you always have a BarrierTank, and never have DoubleBarrier, or DoubleOffTank.

And can either play 1-3-2, or 2-2-2

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And tanks are very tanky

Yup, could just keep buffing barrier tanks until they are popular enough, without much else balance issues

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