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So, I’m having major issues with what seems to be network related in every game. I’ll get headshot dinks and indicators but the enemy will take zero damage (even takes zero in the replay) or I’ll die behind corners constantly.

As I’m typing this, I’m playing a match and I punched a wall as doomfist, and the enemy behind it got hit and died from it? I’ll shoot people upclose with arrows on Hanzo and it just acts like a D.Va defense matrixed it.

Other issues include: Road Hog hooks through walls, Cole Cassidy flash bangs (my side) hitting my target IN the face and not regstering a stun. Cole Cassidy flash bangs (enemy side) being thrown a mile away or without me on screen and stunning me. Doomfist ghost punching through enemys,including Reinhardts standing in doorways (impossible to miss that is it not?) Enemy Doomfists punching me in the air into a wall in the sky… that doesn’t exist? Mei’s instant freezing or slowing. Getting head shots on enemies (and them on me) in random spots… like junkrats groin or doomfist’s nipples, I’ve head shot people in the foot with Hanzo before. Reaper damage not healing, or doing no damage at point blank standing still targets (With crosshair on target center).

Other issues i’m having that may not be network related? Doomfist punching a target into a wall and them gliding across it like ice instead of them impacting. Doomfist punching targets into a small railing and they don’t get impacted, nor they get knocked over. THey just get safety stopped somehow? You can literally walk over it without jumping, so how is that even possible?

I still play the game, but I feel like someone else has to have experienced this, and if they have, how did they fix it? My PC is overkill for Overwatch, 64gigs fast ram, RTX 3080, 5950x CPU etc etc. Internet is 1gig and ethernet connected to PC. I ran some diagnostics and tried some tweaks, but can’t seem to pinpoint anything that remotely helps

Did you complete the connection troubleshooting Blizzard has detailed?

Additionally, you need to include a WinMTR for assistance with network-related troubleshooting in the forum. Details here.

I submitted them in the past, but I’ll do it again to be thorough :slight_smile:

Hey DragoNz,

That sounds quite odd and frustrating to not have the game client reacting to hit markers as expected. The connection having a problem is usually the first thing to check, yet if you’ve done troubleshooting for that, then we may want to check if a performance issue is going on.

Since this may get complex, opening a ticket would be best. In addition to including system files, please also mention what troubleshooting was done as well as get a screenshot of the network graph (Ctrl + Shift + N to toggle it on and off) when this is happening. The graph can help us better pinpoint if it’s a performance or connection problem.

If you happen to have a way to record and share to a free video sharing service like Youtube, including a link to the video in the ticket’s text can also help us see the symptom more clearly.

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