Regarding removal of Poor Teamwork


Continuing the discussion from [Updated Player Experience Tools for 1.22]:

Now what should we do when someone is playing out of team comp?! Like playing Bastion/Torb while everyone else is playing Dive. And asks other 5 to play around him/her?
And they are not limited to 2 per week. Even 2 per day! They are a lot who are just stubborn and won’t accept that they are not doing anything good.


They were never reportable in the first place.


What heroes a person plays or how those heroes are played as long as they are playing the objective is not reportable in any way shape or form and actually reporting them for such is a punishable action in it self.


They are not playing with the team. So I think that’s called Poor Teamwork!


I honestly think people are using “Teamwork” as a catch all work around to report people. Honestly real teamwork is everyone working with everyone else’s best skill set.

BLaming others because you are not adaptable enough to work non standard teams is your issue not other players.


this way one tricks won’t get banned, just notified that they are doing something wrong and that people don’t want to play with them, resulting in longer queue times…it’s up to the player to fix whats wrong. you don’t hold your team back, just yourself…the system is brilliant