Regarding Mercy so called spam

I’m not even going to write a full answer, it’s exhausting to repeat the same things over and over. I’ll just say that: a vocal minority =/= correct opinion.

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Its still better than sticking your head in the sand then playing the victim when things backfire. Its not our fault Blizzard refused to listen to us when people said Valk would be op. Its not our fault Blizzard refused to listen to us when people said DF still had gamebreaking bugs.
For every “spam” post there is one that provides, at the very least, another option to just repeatedly nerfing a character to the point where she more closely resembles the BETA version that was buffed because it was considered too weak.

And I can bring up examples of Blizzard outright ignoring the fanbase, winging it and then proving us right for most heroes. This isn’t just a problem faced by Mercy players (even if they are the most vocal about it), everyone of us is being ignored unless we actively kiss up to the devs.

Not exactly. Remember, mass Resurrect is gone and Valkyrie exists now.

Now it’s even more tedious because of the 17% nerf to Mercy’s heals. Again, not the same as before.

I want to point out that Valkyrie quite literally makes doing this the most boring thing ever. It is literally a handicap ultimate. Heck, you don’t even need to move. Just fly up to the skybox, stand still and use your beams accordingly.

One good thing that actually came out of the rework was the BHop bug.

Its on a 30 second cooldown and requires Mercy to briefly become a potato. Do you know what that means? Way more hiding than before, which is boring, to say the very least. At least mass Resurrect was fun to use because of all the mind games you had to play.

I mean, the fact that she got a new, the opposite of engaging, ultimate and her former ultimate, which is more of an ultimate than Valkyrie, is on a extremely long cooldown, pretty much says that her entire gameplay was changed after the rework.

Avoiding the problem rather than facing the problem, head on, is not a good idea if you want Overwatch to be fun. Eventually, all heroes will become as boring as Mercy if we just stop inputting feedback and just started playing other heroes. Also, one tricks can only play one hero so they are basically left in the dust.

I’ve actually posted in the past when people bring up how Mercy’s base gameplay hasn’t changed, so how could she suddenly be unfun for so many people, pointing out how performance does effect how one enjoys a character.

It’s not something people really want to admit, but the character needs to still be good enough at their base role to to sufficiently to do their job. If a character starts to boarder that edge of being unviable or being outright unviable, it doesn’t matter if you normally would enjoy the mechanics behind it because those mechanics aren’t providing a significant reward for their efforts.

It’s why you can see someone complain about Sombra or other various characters. The mechanics might be appealing to the people who play those characters, but the actual performance is bad enough that it kills the fun.

Obviously you shouldn’t play a character purely due to how they perform, but performance is often ignored when people bring up how they don’t understand how she can be seen as unfun by people. No one wants to be viable because of one single abiliy, the base kit should be viable and feel good on its own merits.

Mercy’s most recent nerf was in the wrong direction. I don’t mind that she got nerfed, however her healing was not the issue. Her rez being a baseline part of her kit is causing these problems and blizz keeps gutting the rest of the kit to make that ability balanced.

The healing nerf as you mentioned now means less damage boosting beams as you need to spend more time healing, so it has also affected some of the nuance involved in playing her to boot.

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Are we just making up quotes? Pretty sure the person you were replying to didn’t say that.

Good Mercy’s get rewarded with good ultimates. That being said, mass Resurrect was a niche and was incredibly easy to negate. I mean, it’s biggest counter was ult economy which most players had an idea of.

Quite literally, we don’t have to control our hero. Valkyrie gives us the option to stand still in the air. Also, conveniently, it is best used by staying as far as possible from the fight. Funny, really, since Jeff himself stated that one of the reasons for the rework was to make Mercy more engaging.

Why are we acting as if it was impossible to deal with? She was literally underpowered before invulnerability and her pickrate in pro play was ridiculously low. This much shows how people tend to exaggerate the power of mass Resurrect. If anything, Resurrect on E is way more powerful than mass Resurrect. Here’s why:

I know this isn’t a question directed towards me but, personally, I found the thrill of using mass Resurrect fun.


OK, so, once every 2 minutes or so for 15 seconds the game play changes, that change being that you fly…yea just pressing Q is WAY more fun. Lol. K.

Doesn’t change the game play and game play is what we’re talking about here, you’re still holding left click. Next.

It still offers you more game play options that mass res did.

As it should be. It’s the single most powerful ability in game, it should have heavy drawbacks.

Again, this accounts for 15 seconds of game play, that’s only a tiny amount of time compared for the rest of the time you’re controlling Mercy. My point through this whole thread being that, in the time she’s not ulting, her core game play remains the same, which it is, you’re still holding left click, still flying to alleys and away from enemies.

Facing the problem head on WAS nerfing her, end of story. Again, her game play is largely the same, only the amount of healing she does is different. Next.

Gets rewarded for HIDING. Nope, wasn’t a good game play mechanic. Not when the whole game revolved around the person playing Mercy basically not playing the game until they were called upon. Despite whether you thought hide n seek was ‘fun’ the vast majority of the player base didn’t.

You literally fly into the air and can move in any direction you want, it’s literally the most control you can have over any character in the game…what kind of sub bronze Mercy valks then just sits still.

When did I say it was impossible to deal with? My point was that pressing Q once ever 2 minutes isn’t what makes a character fun. If you’re only picking a character to press Q you’re picking that character for the wrong reason.

LOL I literally said ‘aside from pressing Q’ meaning did you like how Mercy played aside from using Mass Res, which ironically you didn’t even answer, only take my words out of context. LOL.

You can find a reasonable explanation by doing a google search for, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”

I’d share it myself, but I can’t include links in my response.

You forgot Resurrect on E. That, by itself, changes Mercy’s gameplay style.

If you dumb down ultimates to just, press Q, all ultimates except transformation ultimates would be boring. Fortunately, there’s more to mass Resurrect than just, press Q.

I literally have to focus more on healing now than damage boosting whereas before, heals and dmg boost were 50/50. That’s a change in gameplay…

You mean, flying towards the invisible skybox? Yeah, that’s why it’s boring to use. Also, it’s incredibly lack lustre in the sense that it can be negated by Winston’s primary fire now. Oh, and flying makes you a bigger target so now, I’m hiding more than before the rework. Yet again, another gameplay style change.

Your the one arguing that the Mercy is played exactly the same as before. The fact that Resurrect makes Mercy stationary for 2 seconds already disproves this assertion.

Except it’s not… otherwise, I wouldn’t have needed to relearn Mercy every time a nerf patch went live…

And you telling us to play other heroes isn’t considered, avoiding the problem? Also, her gameplay got changed drastically. If you play her the same as pre-reworked Mercy, you are going to fail miserably.

The fact that tempo ressing exists already disproves this assertion…

“Hide n Res” is a garbage strategy. I don’t use such tactics. Also, “Hide n Res” sets your team up for failure. In fact, you should be happy that the enemy Mercy has a hiding Mercy. That’s an easy win.

Well you see, the best way to use Valkyrie is to fly up to skybox. After that, just sit back and enjoy watching your team die. All jokes aside, you don’t need to move with Valkyrie. Just position yourself someonewhere, perhaps behind something that obstructs LoS, and sit there. Moving around makes you a bigger target. Staying on the down low is a much safer approach.

It is if said ultimate required mind games. Also, should’ve mentioned this earlier, but fun is subjective. What you may see as fun won’t be the same for everyone therefore, you can’t be telling people what is fun about Mercy. That being said, I shouldn’t have enforced my view of fun onto you. Apologies.

Hmhmhm. I’ll answer it again. I didn’t hate playing Mercy before. I hate playing her now. Why? Resurrect requires you to become a potato and Valkyrie is the most boring and unoriginal ult I’ve ever heard of. It is a jack of all trades, remotely insufficient in none. Old Mercy, I loved, because she required some thought to play and the idea of strategically avoiding ultimates to save your team always seemed fun imo.

Haha speaking about “Anti Mercy main” theory after renaming his account to “RevertMercy”; looks funny

A lot of Mercy players want to be heard and haven’t been. Being loud might be a way to get the devs attention and it’s really depressing that a lot of posters have been silenced or their posts have been unjustly locked. Mercy has had 9 mega threads that have been ignored and locked. You can blame the developers for not giving us real answers and locking mega threads made by them. It does start to look like spam after while, but people don’t spam things for no reason. When someone isn’t even bothering to listen, you start yelling. Spam is a way I think people are trying to yell to force the devs to hear us.

If one spends all their time shuffling words around they can make anything seem like spam.

It isn’t so much about the topic as it is about people wanting their own opinion to be heard. If you reply to the bottom of a thread you have maybe 5 people read your message before there are too many replies for people to even care about your message anymore. If you create your own thread then hundreds of people check your message…

It’s psychology… There just are a lot of people who have opinions on Mercy, and they all want to their opinion to be read. The only way to deal with this is to have fewer people with strong opinions on Mercy.

dude dont tell peaple how to live their life they r free if they want to post mercy thread

But the question is: what do you care about? Everyone is free to open or discuss threads.
If you see a thread dedicated to mercy, ignore it and read other posts.

Are you an en employee at Blizzard? How do you know this?

There are explicit examples where user feedback were directly addressed;

  • Ana’s primary healing passing through full health allies
  • Reinhardt’s shatter animation getting reworked to better represent it’s actual hitbox

Whether these changes were successful or not is arguable, but these were direct results of user feedback, mainly from the forums.

And how will keeping quiet solve the issue? The forums is a place for any topic regarding overwatch. Mercy is just a very popular topic is all

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Hopefully they will make a sub forum for balance discussions. This will make both sides happy, mercy players are not forced to a mega thread and people can have their general discussion forum back without the mercy spam. Everybody wins.

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Her base kit is the thing they are complaining about since she’s naturally a boring character in either iteration

You know they’ll just come back here once they “feel” like they’ve been ignored
Just like the megathread even though I’ve seen a dev post in there before