Refusing to switch is gameplay sabotage yes or no



In certain situations I think it should be.

Example: the other day someone was doing the H + click spam on widow (making the hero portrait flash obnoxiously)

Someone asked him to stop in chat, he didn’t, and someone took widow from him during his spam.

He told the person who took widow from him to give back widow. Person refused to give him back widow so he raged in chat and went Sombra. (which we already had 4 dps, and he was obviously throwing based on his gameplay) he wouldn’t switch to another hero, and said he’d continue to throw until he gets widow.


Plenty of time on sombra and I’ve never been auctioned. But then again I communicate and switch it it isnt working.


In any case joining voice and communicating is the best thing to do. Been playing alot of sombra and no reports… I’ve never been actioned once so communicated and adapt if it isnt working


Yeah I’d be a duo trick if bastion was even semi viable


Show me where Blizzard said it is MANDATORY to swap, or that not swapping is punishable. I’ll wait.

Have you read the report descriptions in game?

This case not switching is not even a factor. Throwing is throwing, regardless of their willingness to switch.


Isn’t that stuff just early access


Sorry, I kinda didn’t give details. After the 2nd point of kings row was captured quickly, (we were defending) he was asked to swap, Sombra isn’t working. And he replied “give me widow”

But I see your point


I mean if the one tricks suck on their best hero, then them switching will not improve the situation, unfortunately.


Also one must wonder, if this one trick sucks at the only one hero he plays, why are you at the same SR as him if you are better and play all heroes? Paradox lul


im pretty sure they said the esports cosmetics are specifically for those who bought the ow league pass


When i read my email it said along with other perks

  • Unlock early access to in game skins,Sprays, and player icons. In that exact fashion


i guess i was wrong on that then but my other points still stand and they clearly don’t have confidence in their esport if they feel the need to bribe people to pay and watch


Its wild you’re not allowed to play what you want to play. I’ve seen people go, “all that money to play one character…”

Like yeah? It isn’t your money nor are you the same person. You enjoy an assortment of characters. Others find value on focusing on their favorite playstyle/character. Or at the very least their own small pool of characters they like.

Clearly if the reporting system is partly automated and based on a voting system, blizzard has somewhat knowingly created a Democracy where the more vocal and ambitious members of their community are the rulers.

Those vocal and ambitious players are typically toxic. The good players that make the community safe and enjoyable arent going to be mashing the report button. Nor too hung up on composition (unless it’s truly terrible.) And even then, reporting should only be reserved for clear throwers or people being rude because every match isnt magically a cakewalk.

The elitist own this game. Not blizzard Not their employees. Not the good players who want to sit down with friends. I’ve seen good people leave this game who try their best. Who don’t throw or purposely switch to someone with the intentions of throwing. Who just want to have fun with the objective in mind without being forced to play characters they don’t enjoy.

No one is groping up. No one is on the payload. The mercy just went battle. You’re sitting comfortably on four golds. You’re being instrumental on pushes. You’re recieving endorsements after almost every match. And often the only person on the leaderboards. Yet you still lose, but somehow you’re the problem for not switching.

If your presence is positive and impactful, and you’re the one being threatened with suspension, other people own your own game you paid for. If you’re being told how to enjoy your game (barring toxic behavior) it’s not your game anymore.

That’s how I feel about this game now. It’s not my game. It’s some sweaty dude hundreds of miles away from me who’s life is this game. I put tons of money into this game because I liked it. And that experience is completely soured.

I paid all this money that I worked hard for just so I can have some sweaty dude tell me how exactly I’m allowed to enjoy my free time.

When I used to play wow back in 07’, the toxicity was extremely bad then, but what made it tolerable was the friends I made and the fact the toxic players had no power over each other.


Like I care. If the a player in the team brings no benefit to the match he gets a report from me. You are in competitive to play and win not to learn new heroes, otp, or play solo the entire match without communicating at all or not willing to switch to strengthen the composition.
There is QP for these kinds of situations. I never report people in QP, no matter what the hell they do.
Not playing to win in competitive = report. Because if people played correctly in competitive, we would have a nice playerbase with correct ranks, little toxicity and so on.


They state this for obvious reason, because it would be hard to decide after an match if “unwillingness to switch” was really a problem for the team or not.

Regardless I do report people in ranked mode for gameplay sabotage, who are unwilling to switch, under specific circumstances, like this:

let’s say we are on Illios, the small room with the tower on top and need to attack this, because the enemy dominates it right now with full force. We’ve got a Tracer, and the enemy has got a Brigitte. Every time the Tracer tries to do something, Brigitte is already there and makes Tracer just an entirely useless pick for us.

We ask our Tracer politely to switch, because she’s countered hard by Brigitte and she’s just adding nothing to our team at the moment. Our Tracer just refuses and stays on Tracer, to get rekt even more by Brigitte.

Of course something like that is gameplay sabotage, when you’re doing zero because the enemy is just countering you every time and you are refusing to switch, because this is equal to playing only with 5 players vs. 6.


Where is the team? Why isn’t someone distracting Brig? Why hasn’t someone else switiced to Zarya and bubble Tracer? Allowing her to get around Brig. Where is the team work?


You are really expecting coordinated teams on all levels of ranked? Good luck with that one.


Than what are you complaing about here? Do you care about teamwork, or not. If my questions are not vaild, because bad teamwork is normal. Than not switching is normal.


By the stated rules no it is not. However, in Competitive it should be.