Reducing in-game downtime might go too far in the future

I’m actually very very curious about why noone highlighted this.

Currently, it’s acceptable, especially the prep time reduction.

But eventually it might make each individual game too short to make the outcome more dependant on variance than consistent performance.

P.S. In case u guys are wonder why they did this, I would be 80% sure that it is to reduce average time per game by reducting downtime and multiple rounds happening. The problem is, that queue time going down is just surface lvl and the ratio between game length and queue time won’t change.

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I think they are standardizing 2CP to be shorter which I don’t mind at all.

Although, some teams needs lots of time to even get to the point on 2CP. So it will weed out tanks with poor gamesense.

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It’s Anubis. You cap both points in a minute. Your opponent takes 2.

You’re time bank of 7 minutes gets reduced to 3. Your opponent gets 2. No more 8-8 Drawnubis. You will might still draw, but it won’t take like 40 minutes to get through it to gain 0 SR.

Me neither. But problem of 2cp is spawn-point/choke distance, imo. Shortening game length would prob make it even worse. And…

That’s a huge variance issue. So yep.

I mean, it’s frustrating for sure, and imo the current change is fine. But if queue time is still complained about, I fear they might go too far on those and start stiring up the balance of said mode.

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