Recycled content launch trailer

There is still time before the game launches. You want the information yesterday, not today, not tomorrow. Just wait. You think the news we got today was it? That’s all? No more?

If I know them for something, it’s going into radio silence once they opened their mouth. That’s why I’m so impatient.

But they are releasing something pve related, the new Junkerstein’s Revenge :laughing:

If you knew them, you would know that today was only some information, there is more. Maybe your impatience stems from elsewhere.

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I’d assume PvE stuff will pop up once one thing is done first.

Yes. The last three years serving as example.

I can only speak for myself, but yeah, generally I wanted to see new stuff. We still know nothing of competitive 2.0, the general public is very confused about the transition… I believe they could have shown us examples of the new player cards.

Kiriko focused gameplay clips might have been nice, on the newly announced map, perhaps. Like instead of a shot zooming in on her jutsu sign language, show us her perspective from the ultimate and then footage of a teammate under the effect.

I am also a bit confused on souvenirs, maybe that is just me. I can’t even tell which of the highlight intros are new or not except for Junkrat. Maybe they could have picked some more visually distinct ones?

But yeah. During the line up to showcase 5v5, new cosmetics might have made sense, or just better angles for the upcoming ones that are not part of the BP.

Heck, even just a different background for Mythic Genji to not make it utterly apparent we just saw a cut of it for the BP trailer. Just replace the recycled gameplay segments with some of what I wanted to see and I would have been excited to show this to my sister.

I am not going to waste her time with a flash of a Junkrat intro. Hell no.

Feel free to dive in, it started in 2019.

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Kind of ironic: originally, they were propping up PvE as the main selling point, but now PvP is the replacement.

Sure, the PvE will come “soon™” but people’s first impression is going to be of the PvP, regardless.

There’s a dev post or CM post from not too far back saying why.

I’m on my phone so I can’t find the dev post filter.

not that i want to scare people or anything…but i have a sneaky suspicion competitive 2.0 is just competitive 1.0 with the more tiers they mentioned a few months ago…and like thats it…

and i think kiriko stuff should probably be its own thing…which we kinda got last week…

just saying its going to be hard to make a trailer for a game which we’ve kinda played already that isnt sorta underwhelming (like a movie trailer after youve seen the movie already type deal)

im still hopeful we get a OW2 cinematic (not kiriko’s)

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Well you do see some shots of JQ and Sojourn so we can expect more on that side.

I do not disagree with you. It is less that this trailer is awful and more that they squandered earlier opportunities to market the game and that they are keeping important, but controversial stuff to blog posts instead.

Oh, no, I know the one. I still find it as such.

So much time and effort, only to be segmented and not even be the main installment on release.

Honestly, Overwatch 2.0 should’ve just been a separate, PvE-focused game; Overwatch would be the PvP that gets continual updates like it used to.

Blame that on Bobby, not Team 4.

Great to see that, but I can still only hope they keep talking even after the PvP’s release.

But, the response is not really confronting my point: The last 3 years they constantly said nothing for a longer time once they told us something. It’s not about them not saying anything, it’s them being unreliable when it came to the promise of “more communication”.

Personally I blame both:
Mr. Kotick for obvious reasons, and Team 4 for not really having much foresight or concise planning (most likely due to lack of leadership).

OW isn’t an ex-spouse you’re waiting for to pay child support; I’m sure we’ll survive if we wait another month or something for news. If not, then it is what it is.

But I’m afraid that would not be a good idea to leave it on the sidelines even after the PvP’s release. I’ll wait, but I don’t turst them with more communication, especially not after recent events.

Well, there’s nothing you can do about it. Your options would be dropping the game or just waiting ages for new news. It’s up to you and your patience; none of us can magically make them push out unpolished work without it being another CP2077 mess.