Recent FPS drops

Hello everyone,

I have been playing this game 4 years and I have never had big fps drops.Sometimes I put the settings at medium,some times at high.I know my processor is pretty old,but I never had problems playing Overwatch until last week,now I have drops form 60 fps to 45 or even less when there are big battles with ults on screen.Only way to get stable 60 frames is to set everything at low.It actually gets to 61 fps sometimes,which I find some sort of sick joke.

It´s okay if last update made my settings not enough suddenly,I just want to know.

These are my specs:

Intel I5 4440 3.10 GHz
AMD Radeon 290 4 Gb

Please provide a dxdiag

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Your issue might also be related to: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #19 by Drakuloth

I had to post my dxdiag in pastebin because it was too long.

The hash code is /qDXJZ0mh

Thank you

I don’t think your settings are under the requirements, your card is still listed on the supported list. However, RadeonSettings.exe is showing a crash in your error log, which points to an issue with the driver. Since your drivers are from very recently, you might want to try using an older version.

What happened? You posted back it was working and then deleted, did it stop working?