Rebase Patch for Overwatch 2 Season 9

Greetings heroes!

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is launching on February 13 and will be featuring significant game updates. This patch will also be a “rebase” patch which will require a very large download for all players on all platforms. Rebase patches consolidate our patches into the core game, which in the long run, keeps the final data size of the game client manageable for both PC and console.

You will need to have as much as 38 GB of free space on your system when updating. If you do not have that much space, you can also uninstall the game client and reinstall it in full after the patch goes live on February 13. We understand some of our players may have limited bandwidth or data to download large updates, and we apologize for any inconvenience that this causes you. Thank you for your understanding, and we’ll see you on February 13.