Reaper's Shotguns

I really like Soldier: 24 skin but I don’t like his shotguns. Blackwatch Ryes skin isn’t bad skin but his shotguns looks much more cool. Can you change shotguns between Blackwatch Ryes and Soldier: 24 or add option to do that?

I feel you on a spiritual level. I too, would love this option. Soldier 24 is so dank; however, those blocks that he carries around would look better with the alphabet on them. They are not guns.

And yes, same, Blackwatch Reyes is amazing. But I wore that for like 2 years. I still use it on my smurfs. But on my main, I prefer that sexy undercut.

I mean, he has infinity shotguns, you’d think he’d be able to root around back there and pull out ones that matched.

No, it’s about how those shotguns. Soldier 24 is cool. Blackwatch Ryes’s shoguns look cool.

Really, just being able to pick character skins and weapon skins separately in general would be a nice addition.


How’s that?

Their real priority with those skins should be giving him his human voice:

Petition: Put Reaper's Normal Voice in all Modes (775+ Likes)

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Ok I accept, pick skin and gun as you wish and I accept add normal voice or young voice to some character skins.

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