Reaper Rework Ideas, add yours!

Reaper seems to have some problems. I have thoughts on how to make him more fun to play and more useful without straight up buffing his damage or altering his playstyle significantly.

Alt-fire - Smoke grenade. Long Range. Low/no damage. Creates AOE smoke that grows to about the size of Winston’s shield over a second or so. Allies can see enemy outlines through it, but not vice-versa. Moderate duration, long cooldown.

Shadowstep - Becomes “instant” (less than a second) when space targeted is within the AOE of his smoke grenades.

New Passive Aura - reduces healing of enemies (max 33%-ish?) depending on proximity (Lucio aura range). Effect is increased when in Wraith Form.

  1. Shadowstep - entire casting time is done in starting location.
  2. 1 extra round in each shotgun that is fired only by alt-fire - does 3x shield damage and 2x armor damage (not affected by reduce), but 0 health damage.
  3. Shotgun spread and damage falloff rework…

This is what I put together a couple of days ago

There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to make smoke that doesn’t significantly reduce performance. There are tons of particle effects all over the game and I run it on high at 60 fps with a 6 year old mid-range CPU and 3 year old mid-range video card.

I got that post with 36 upvotes that needs a bump; also has my ideas laid out pretty nicely. Please take a look <3

Shadow Step to function like Meteor Strike.

  • Right click - Fires both shotguns and reloads.
  • E - Soul Bomb: Drops a soul orb what explodes and deals damage similar to Junkrats mines. Reaper immediately teleports to the explosion location. Orb works and moves like Orisa halt. It could be triggered by a wall or by pressing E again.
  • Passive: Smokescreen - Wraith From and Death Blossom now leaves a smokescreen on the ground. Enemies cannot see the character outlines through it. Smokescreen heals Reaper standing inside it.

I would add this too.

Well lemme just start:

Primary fire stays the same

Shadow step: make the teleport instant and lower the ending lag.

Wraith: I got 2 ideas for wraith, but it depends on what to do with the secondary fire, I’ll explain later. The one thing I want added to wraith is to make him climb walls while he is in wraith form.

Alternate fire: I got 2 ideas for alternate fire, and depending on which of them should be implemented, I’d add a change to wraith form:

1.) Smoke grenades as mentioned above. No changes to wraith form besides what was previously mentioned

2.) Sludge bombs: black gush covers the ground for a certain amount of time. Enemies walking over it will have their movement slowed. If this ability is picked as his alternate fire, I would like for wraith form to release smoke while its activated, which will spread as reaper moves in wraith form and will persist for like 5 to 6 seconds? Idk. The smoke would work just like the smoke grenades

So far he is bad at flanking and bad at dealing with tanks, so I personally say make him good at one (preferably dealing with tanks as he is made for that)

Roadhog and Reaper buffed.
Junk primary fire nerf reverted.
Bastion buffed.
Symmetra buffed.
Shield hp reduced(Already done).
Shield hitbox increased.
In case of the shield broke, the CD to put it up again increased by 1~2 seconds.
Shield bash CD reverted to 6 seconds from 7.

As for rework, i don’t think any other ability set would suit her better than the current one.

As for people that needs and deserves help against her.

Wiston bubble hp increased to 800 from 600.

Rein now can keep his shield up during little stun effects, but he becomes immobile for that time(That would apply to Punch, Flash and Bash, if i remember correctly).