Reaper must justify his name

Death from the shadows
Machine of death
One of an Icons of OW
one of the central characters in L O R E
Soldier’s EX
Gabriel Rayas
The Reaper

aaand he sucks. Literally. I am reapermain, better be said i was reapermain because in ranked Reaper does nothing. Ok , you can say, “i can kill everybody on reaper even without using my ult”. And i will agree, because i can do it too, but ONLY if i under the healers save. Without healers Reaper can’t be helpful so much. Yesterday i playd arcade match and i had golden kills, damage, objective kills and i felt myself very well, but i realised that we had 3 heals and 2 tanks in the team and i understood why i kept alive.
Not too long time ago, i’ve watched a video where guys told that reaper has bad abilities pack. Then i thought, this is true.

  1. Look at the most popular dps on pro-scene and high rank - GENJI - . He has 2 tipes on main attack on LMB and RMB, he has a good quick dash on SHIFT and very very helpful reject on E button.
  2. Look at the Sombra (trollpick in past). She has good shooting gun on LMB, quick hack on RMB, infinity invisability on SHIFT and infinity movable teleporter on E.
  3. Look at the last hero - Ashe -. She has 2 tipes of fire: quick shots on LMB and sniping mode on RMB. On SHIFT she has a good shotgun that helps her to cliomb on highgrounds. And she has powerful Dynamite on E (it must be decreased to 8 secs cuz she use it so fast).
    And look at the Reaper - Two shotguns on LMB with small lifesteal, very slow dash on SHIFT (but ok, it reloads guns) and literally the most useless and most horrible ability in a game - teleporter on E. Do you, guys, really think that it is enough for DPS ? 3 active abilities while all another dps have 5. So, today reaper becomes a trollpick instead of Bastion and Hanzo (seriously).
    I’ve also looked at the stats. Reaper has 0.10% pickrate on GM, 0.35% on Masters, 0.86% on Diamonds and 1.66% on plats this months and 0.20% higher in all point last 6 month. NICE. When i started playing this game i thounght that reap would be the most popular, but like a Thorin in Hobbit movie, i was wrong then.

So, what can helps Reaper to be Reaper and Justify his name ? I think that he need new ability on E, something with damage, and on RMB he needsa new teleporter, that must be faster and quiter because today when i use this TP i literally SHOUT on the whole map “LOOK AT ME, I AM A BIG BLACK GUY WITH BLACK CAPE, I AM HERE ON THIS HIGHGROUNG TO JUMP OVER IT SOONER WITH MY ULTIMATE, DON’T FORGET TO STUN ME”
I hope, that this article would be read by big amount of people, especially developers who can imagine how to change the situation with one of my favourit character in OW yet


Get the hell out of here.

But yes, Reaper has several issues regarding his kit; the most central of it being a teleporter. His kit was designed around the idea of being a tankier flanker but its an idea that only sounds good on paper.

Truth is; he’s the worst flanker and most of us who do play him at higher ranks make better use of him in the front-lines but outside of Wraith form he doesn’t have an ability that helps him in combat.


YES, that is what i mean

Reaper must be cooler, like Malthael

what if they give reaper a passive whenever an enemy dies u can drain their souls for an extra wraith stacks up to 4 times? like a cast

This is what I think of Reaper


Yoy mean like Butcher’s meat in Hots ? every meat encreases damage, it can be helpful for Reaper

You could replace “Reaper” in this sentence with most Overwatch characters and have it still be true. If you make a team composition without healers, it’s not going to be a good composition.

Guess I missed that comic hahaha

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i dunno whats that? i mean like old reaper souls u can see them laying down but u press E and u drain it maybe? and you have a meter on cap

but most of characters has some save abilities or escapes. Reaper has the worst scape ever. And I meant there, that now with lots of shields and stuns Reaper hasn’t got any place in team

Two things I think they should do for him. Make shadow step near instant and give him a extra passive for physical cc immunity. I think this would solidify him against tanks. If reins charge, hook, boop, monkey slam, brigette flail all passed through him. It would take a lot of the preasure off him and give him more space to do his job in

Git gud.

I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again; Reaper is not a flanker. His kit is used for repositioning, staying with your team, and engaging during team fights.

Genji is a flanker; almost as an assassin. His kit allows him to clean up low health targets with ease and little drawback.

The closest thing to flanking that I do as Reaper is positioning myself in a choke fight so I can surprise the enemy team by closing in, doing damage, and returning to my side of the field. In no way should that be overused, since it’s very predictable and can be exploited by any knowledgeable opposition. However, his high burst damage makes him a nightmare to deal with in a team fight: where he should be.

Uhh, I don’t think you were quite understanding of what I was saying. I am like the last person that needs to be explained about Reaper’s design.

Reaper’s original design was to be a flanker since closed beta; but the entire playerbase has basically proven that he’s more suited as the “anti-tank” character. The problem with that is he’s failing at his job of tank busting atm because Shadow Step does not fit the role either. It’s a glorified get out of spawn ability.

Indeed, it really sucks. Shadowstep is mostly used only to return from spawn faster. Outside of that it’s suicidal or superfluous.

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Let Reaper Harvest Corn

At least our Reaper doesn’t get bullied around by a 8 year old girl (I think? I don’t know how old Mandy is).

Well Tracer is a child like adult in her 20s lol.

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