Reaper is useless!

People would just int with Wraith Form at the tanks and shred frontlines and be unpunishable in lower ranks if that went through.
Also, his spread is borderline at that level already.

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Reaper can do both just fine

yup hes really good in your bronze games now lets try balancing around actually good players

As a Reaper main, I respectfully disagree.


ok, you play the way best suited for you then

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SadWeeb I think your thread talks about some issues covered in mine, would love if you took a look at it.

Also, ironic how most of us can come to a consensus that Reaper is supposed to be the anti tank. But what abilities does he have that helps him do his job? Wraith form to reload and escape. A piss poor Leech. A useless teleport that serves no purpose aside from getting out of spawn room past Diamond+.

All we are asking is for Blizzard to please reconsider his current design, have an indefinite role for him and give him abilities that enable his role; not conflict it. The dude has shotguns. Anyone in point-blank range should be punished. But most of the time; they aren’t. Between the design of his guns and the fact that he has no offensive ability besides wraith (which uhh, usually used to escape anyway), he just source of enemy ult charge.

I love playing as Reaper every so often, but after seeing the rework on Torbjorn, I am in agreement with many that Reaper definitely needs to be looked at and possibly reworked. Torbjorn looks downright brutal on the PTR.


Torbjornn´s rework looks so OP.
( self building turret, armor shred ult, can hammer you down fast )

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With all recents sound bugs, I’m afraid to say that he is as flankers than never.

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(Also add the human Gabriel voice lines for his Human skins)

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Honestly, I’m just so tired of them introducing stuff for other heroes that make you sit back and go; Oh that’s something that Reaper has, but it’s better.

Moira vs. Reaper
Leech (Yes, she’s a support with far less damage output than him but she already has orbs, her leech range is stupid and can be used through abilities like defense matrix, genji deflect, and it heals her for more).
Fade: Is pretty much a stronger teleport.

Sombra vs. Reaper
Instant teleport, infinite duration, low as hell CD.
Can “bust” tanks with hack and EMP.

Roadhog vs. Reaper
Granted, Hog isn’t in a good place right now either but let’s take a look back in history. Past season 2; old Roadhog made Reaper obsolete in every way. Stronger heal, better shotgun since hook used to be a guarantee one-shot. Since Reaper couldn’t cancel his wraith back then (LOL), Hog would hard counter Reaper. So nowadays when Hog is starting to go into the gutter it’s very hard for me to feel bad since it’s like “Well, at least you’re not Reaper?”.

Now we got Torb vs. Reaper
Lol torbs gun nuff said.

Seriously, I stopping picking Reaper as much as I used to even in Quick play because it’s so frustrating to be a Reaper main. We have to take a break from our main for the sake of our own mental state; I mean he’s seriously just that painful to play.

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Your thread post is amazing and very well put!! I’d love for them to buff or rework reaper to the better because he deserves it!! Please notice us blizzard


I agree.
I will keep those threads alive…

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agree but how do we buff him?

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You and me both…, being a reaper main sucks, he’s underrated and unreliable… (even spirit says it)

Ever since Brigitte came out, it was the final nail into reapers coffin.

While I love the idea of widowmaker and Reaper being the foilable TeamRocket-esqu villains in a TV show. I dont want reaper to suffer that in game.

Roadhog does reapers job better than him and roadhog is considered to be in a bad place as well so thats saying something.

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Idk what you are even talking about. Reaper has been used a lot lately even with Brigitte around.

That’s basically saying reaper is in an F tier place . And it is true

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The stubborn folk in quick play doesn’t count.


I don’t even play QP and with the last patch he kinda got something like a buff according to the reaper mains themselves.