Reaper is useless!

Hear me out, Reaper is incredibly Useless, he’s becoming less reliable every season, His Busting through ranks Ability is going away slowly

With the new Torb on the horizon I think it’s safe to say that Reaper is Vanished.

Reaper was THE OG of tank busting/shield busting, Flanking getting the enemy supports killed…

But now there are other heroes that do that, Symmetra 3.0, Torb 2.0, Junkrat, McCree, Pharah… even Hanzo

Reaper is being forgotten, ever since season 2, Reaper wasn’t heard of… even his recent buffs weren’t enough…

I mean Brigitte’s Release was the final nail into his coffin.

I know that reaper is the type of character that if u buff him way too much he becomes broken… but in this state, I think it’s safe to say he’s underpowered in some ways…

His momentum against armor is low
His consistency against armor and tanks is low
He can’t reliably bust tanks at this point…

Not to mention he has tons of bugs…

  1. his indicator for his shadow step IS BUGGY
  2. his head hit box is crazy big and buggy (test it out if using believe me)

There are lot more things to say but it gonna stop here I hope he gets the love and recognition he needs & deserves.

EDIT: with Hog being Buffed I think it’s safe to say that Reaper is dead.


Yup! He definitely needs some tweaking and buffing, to say the least. Might need an added ability to his current unused alt fire as well (some sort of grenade/smoke grenade). Anything really. He’s currently in a pretty bad place. Very few, if any, are lower than him on the totem pole.


That is true I really want them to buff him make him reliable :confused:

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Imo if blizzard wants him to be solely a tank buster, increase his life steal to 100% damage done, and to balance that out, heavily increase his spread so that he couldn’t solo everyone without a tanks hitbox with ease. He would be less than ideal to fight supports and dps, but lethal to tanks.


100% agree with u on that one chief !

Not entirely useless, but you’re mostly right

Wow there partner, just calm down. No need to over do it.


Got to say I agree. His buff on wraith cancel made him a lot more viable, but he still can’t counter the characters that he needs to counter. As a shield buster, he’s pretty useless when the other comp has a pirate ship. If anything, increasing damage to shields would be nice.


Reaper against shields and armor ftw!!!

Everyone says that " Reaper is a tank buster, he sould deal extra damage to tanks".

Reaper is an assassin who can take out tanks yes, but his primary objective is to move in close on weaker enemies and kill them

To supress the sound made from teleport, you can ask your ally to shoot the enemy nearby area you are teleporting

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Not really an assassin when you have the loudest boots of mankind and the crappiest teleport in the game.


No it’s not, that’s Genji’s job. Reaper’s guns are too inaccurate, he’s too loud and too slow to be expected to assassinate people.


ok, only Genji can chase down the enemy, no one else

so are you playing in bronze, ie the only time reapers actually good

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You’re saying Reaper is an assassin who sneaks up on low HP characters to kill them. That’s not really his job though. You can do it way better with Genji.

You can also do it well with Tracer, Sombra and Doomfist.

Using Reaper for that job is like giving Zenyatta the shield buster job. He can do it, but there are better characters for it.


People would just int with Wraith Form at the tanks and shred frontlines and be unpunishable in lower ranks if that went through.
Also, his spread is borderline at that level already.

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Reaper can do both just fine

yup hes really good in your bronze games now lets try balancing around actually good players

As a Reaper main, I respectfully disagree.


ok, you play the way best suited for you then

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