Reaper is being nerfed why?

moira’s new thing is teamwide, reaper’s is for himself only. Why exactly is this 4 year interaction being changed just now?

For consistency’s sake, I’m guessing.

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Wait, what, did I miss a patch or something? I just had a message to restart my Battlenet and it did an update but I did not see any news of buffs and nerfs. Where is it? I have only received a patch about some bug fixes.

experimental update just came in

For clarification:


Wraith Form

  • No longer frees Reaper from Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux

It's kinda weird, since Reaper's wraith wasn't labeled a movement-ability. But I guess, they wanna delete him completly from the game


That’s just copy paste form another thread.

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Wtf? Seriously? Reaper is not even being played at all. Like why? And also why nerf the only surviving ability on a support?


Yeah, you know Blizzard.
I am not up for that nerfs.

blizzard is possessed by evil powers destined to destroy the game, i bet not 1 single employee prays, infected by demons

Well… he is consistently trash so you’re not wrong there

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Look I understand the healing creep and people abusing certain things in high elos and I also understand that in high elos people play their heroes to their full potential, but we are not all high elo just to make it clear. I do not think it is fair to cut out any single ability that the supports have to defend themselves, I do not want to be a sitting duck. With this new change even if I time my Fade perfectly to get my team out of any trouble,we all end up being sitting ducks afterwards, especially me as a Moira. Thank God I stopped playing her in Comp a year ago once she became meta the first time.

The only reason this game ever appealed to me was the variety, meaning you do not have to be a hitscan God to enjoy this game, this game is for everyone. Not everyone is able to have god like aim or play DPS, hence why there are different roles in this game, so that each and every one can play it and enjoy it.

I am an adult, I have a full time job and a social life. I do not have time to play hitscan 24/7 to get my aim to GM level just to be able to play this game. If I wanted to do that I would have played COD or CS:GO a long time ago.

With that being said, I am still trying to find my own amusement in this game with other supports and trying to get better at them, but man does Blizzard make my job so much harder.

Again, thank God I stopped playing Moira.

Reaper is already in a bad place. This change is just for consistency.

Reaper needs a lot of other changes to be better than he is now.

Once you hit a certain point of bad, small nerfs don’t really do anything. Unfortunately…