Razer Chroma Wierd error

I have the Holiday set of razer, When I first got the set the chroma worked with overwatch but suddenly it stopped working and now it’s just freezing the lightning that we’re on when the game started.
I had the starlight effect on and its now frozen like this until I close the game.
I looked around the net and couldn’t find anyone with the same probelm

Hey, I think you missed the threads at the top of this forum:

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I didn’t miss that thread
I saw it and it didn’t help
Razer synapse recognise Overwatch but doesn’t change

The recent patch has resurfaced Razer Chroma errors for people who are not on Synapse 3, can you confirm you’re using this?

I am using synapse 3

Here are some steps to fix this issue from Razer, that they shared on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/razer/comments/6ri9ww/razer_blackwidow_chroma_lights_freezing/

I have done the last part but now chroma apps doesn’t recognize overwatch

honeslty just get rid of razor chroma stuff. i have the chroma keyobard that integrates with the game, for years every update, and it stopped working, after i was fed up and deleted all razor chroma SDK crap, the game worked perfectly again. its a pain in the …, and razor is slow to respond and doesnt care :frowning:

I got a razer set for a really nice price after my regular set died, I am on a budget so it was my best option

Since it sounds like you’re having an actual problem with Razer’s hardware and software, so I would encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer.