Rant Having to be gm, to carry in plat should not be a thing

If you are in plat you should not have to be gm to carry in that rank. If I deserve diamond for example, I can’t carry enough. That’s the problem with this game.

I’m a bad team magnet. Every game I have someone who doesn’t do something. As an off healer I constantly outheal my main healer while doing other utility. This game is so dumb. This is a rant btw.


My friends who are low master can carry some games in Plat so you don’t have to be GM. But I agree it’s very frustrating as someone who used to be diamond.
It’s not just Supports, just had a game today where my other dps did nothing on Widowmaker and lost every 1v1 to the enemy widow.
Just to flex on him I went widow myself to spawn trap the enemy widowmaker and toyed with their Hammond & Winston combo despite the same disadvantage.


had a game recently where my team had two gold tanks, 2 plat dps, two plat heals.

other team, diamond rein, plat zarya, 2 gold DPS, 2 plat supports.

we got absolutely rolled over since the tanks just couldn’t keep up with the diamond rien.

yet, according to the amtch maker, that was an evenly matched team.
its a bad joke of a system and will remain that way until each roll is averaged.


Balanced on paper since both team had the same average MMR. But I can already tell how it went. Let me guess your Supports pocketed those gold tanks complaining about the dps not killing anything despite the tank diff.


Not really, balanced on paper means you look at both teams before the match and can’t decide which one is better. In this situation, I take the team with the diamond tank every time. Clearly not a balanced game on paper nor in practice.


And I’m an input lag magnet. I’m a good player, I swear. It’s just the input lag that makes me mess up my aim!


oh it was worse than that. we had a torb who liked to feed 1v6 and THEN complain about no heals. it was great.


Nah, it wouldn’t be balanced on paper unless Blizz did per role SR equivalency, rather than per team SR equivalency. 2 Gold tanks + 2 Diamond supports versus 2 Diamond tanks + 2 Gold supports is not balanced.

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If you are in plat and cant carry plat games, then you are a plat player. You dont deserve diamond.


Yea I scrolled down to type this and saw you already typed pretty much what I was going to.

People who touch the rank above the one they’re in once and fall out of it tend to think they deserve that rank when really most people belong 200-300 below their peak, not at their peak. If you aren’t CONSISTENTLY 100-200 into a given rank (e.g. 3100-3200 for diamond) you are NOT that rank, you got lucky.


If your skill is plat, you will most likely not carry games in plat. You migh here and there carry game but thats all. You need Diamond skill to carry more consistently in Platinum.


yeah I kinda agree with that… plats a crap show and I’ve lost games (as a top100 player) there where I got 20+ final blows… as soon as you get to masters climbing will start to feel a lot better and rewarding so just keep grinding


If you are diamond skill, it’s still super hard to carry in plat. Obviously depends on your role/hero choice.

There is a big difference between being 3000 sr and 3200. Where you are within a rank range does matter. Big difference between 2500 and 2800. I’m not a fan of people broadly generalizing ranks.


There is not a big difference between those sr’s. I’ve been in bronze all the way to diamond. Big difference between rank cusps though. Like 2000 and 2500. Or 2500 and 3000. Obviously there is a difference betwen 3000 and 3200 or 2500 and 2800 like you said, but it’s super minimal.

I guess that’s your opinion. It’s all perception. Obviously I dont agree. I’ve seen it over and over and over again. A 2500 player is essentially still a gold player on the cusp of true platinum the way I see it and a 2800 player is on the cusp of diamond. There is a big difference. Once you hit diamond whatever progress you make at that point accelerates. Skill starts to jump high.


I did climb to Diamond all on 3 roles from being plat a long time. How? I was focused, played enough games, played my main heroes and tried to improve, watched some streamers, learned mechanical stuff, positioning…and I was just pushing hard trying to climb :slight_smile: and with little bit of luck you can do it eventualy.

And I dont ever give up, every 1 SR counts.

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I mean if you are diamond level you will obviously climb in the end. My point is that it takes a lot of grinding, because you can’t carry hard enough to climb quickly.

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This is 100% true

Before I took a Valorant to the knee and became a washed up Rat OT my peak was 3700. I was consistently around 3400-3500 that entire time.

Now I’m a washed up Rat that can’t maintain diamond anymore.

(I’ve finally started playing lots of other games after 4 years of almost only OW, love the game, it’s balance has just gone to sheit recently)

This just isn’t true at all.
When I first swapped to PC from Xbox(Xbox rank at time was low Masters) I placed 2200ish

It took me only one week and at max 50ish games to end the season at 3000

Would have ended higher but I didn’t get a chance to play again for the season cause I was visiting my dad

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