Ranks in Competitive Broken

I have continued to play competitive and was excited to hear when the ranking system got fixed when a bunch of players got placed too low. However I am still having issues with ranking up in general. On support, I have gone through a rank up process 4 times now and I am still at bronze 5. I’m not amazing at the game by all means but I should at least be moving up in division placement. Even if I only moved up to bronze 4 I still would feel like getting back up to gold would be possible but this is just broken.


Fortunately it’s not as broken as it would appear. I’ll explain. Though you are bronze 5, there’s a hidden number associated with that rank. I don’t remember the exact numbers off the top of my head but we’ll say you “placed” at 400sr. Sr is what was used in OW1. But you dont move to bronze 4 until 1100sr. Sr is gained or lost per match depending on outcome and to a degree your own ability in the match. You just can’t see it happening in real time anymore. So after having 4 rounds of we’ll call it 100sr per 7 games won, you still haven’t hit the threshold of 1100sr to advance to bronze 4, because you’d only be at 800sr overall. Again these are numbers I’m trying to pull from memory so consider it more of an example than the actual hard math involved. Basically everything starts to work as you’d expect once you hit bronze 4 the first time. Unless you slide back to bronze 5, in which case you’d then be back to the guessing game of what the number is behind the scenes.

Even if that is the case the rank boost they implemented should have fixed that. I’m telling you there is no chance I place bronze 5 as support. I was gold in the first OW. Either way its sliced the game has either a broken ranking system or the previous broken ranking system is screwing players over.

Yup, it’s still very much broken. I made a post about it here. Everything’s pretty much based on luck right now. My boyfriend has played for years and has 600+ hours on the game. Suddenly he’s getting placed in Bronze for support while I’m in Silver 1 as a new player. Honestly, I feel like I should be higher than Silver, but at the very least, my boyfriend should be higher than Bronze.

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I appreciate your post with posting a more in depth refection of the community, thank you for putting in the work. I hope blizzard takes a good look at this and fixes this issue soon

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10 promotions to bronze 5 for me. It’s really bad now.


Eu estava em ouro 4 como suporte, quando completei minhas vitórias eu caí para ouro 3, achei que tinha contado errado, mas quando eu finalmente completei mais cinco vitórias eu fui pra ouro 2. Simplesmente parei de jogar o modo competitivo de suporte pra não diminuir ainda mais meu ranking.