Ranking up and down only 10-15% while others get 20- 29%

How come i only get 10-15% improvements/decrease while trying to rank and my friend for example always gets double? i dont really understand how that system works but its a bit frustrating, even the placement matches were weird putting me in bronze 5 on all positions while winstreaking and after losing a game gaining 1 rank up. it just doesnt really add up imo

Same here. Duoing with my girlfriend and she gets +20-25% on a win, while I only get +5-10%. On a loss, she gets -10% and I’ll get -20%. I don’t understand it. We’re winning and losing the same games, but I’m not moving in rank and she’s going up in rank, and frequently my stats are better; fewer deaths, etc. Makes no sense.

What makes it worse is that she is higher rank than me, so it just feels like I’m being punished for doing well in games that are biased against me. I have >50% wins, but yet I haven’t moved in rank.

There are a lot of tables issues with the new update. See S9: Comp progress bar resets to 0% instead of rank up

For an issue where your rank might not rank up despite filling the progress bar

Is there an explanation of this where it is a legitimate calculation? Or is this a bug that is affecting only a portion of the players? I keep getting very low percentages for wins and huge percentages for losses. When I submitted a ticket, they said it might be how the new system is calculated or if I think it might be a bug, I should post in forums.