Ranked System never actually ranks me up

I have now gone through the rank up process three times as support. The bar is filled, it is labeled as “Rank Progress: ##%”, the bar says 100%, and yet the next game I play, I’m back to the bottom of the same rank I just “ranked up” from.

For an idea, I’ve been stuck in this infinite loop of staying bronze 1 three rounds now. I fill the bar, win the next game and stay bronze 1, but the bar is now reset. I have photo proof too, as well as my duo experiencing the same thing in real time.

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Me too man, me too. 3 whole bars from plat 1 to diamond 5 just wasted.

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There’s like 8 threads on this don’t worry. Find them and make a comment on those too. Hopefully we can make the threads big enough for devs to respond and make a hot fix