Ranked: Server Crash

Just wanted to say that a server for a ranked match crashed and everybody landed on the start-menu but the group chat and the server chat were still working. nobody was able to rejoin the match and we all lost 50 sr… I guess I’ll just skip this season and take a break from overwatch.


If there was an error message that said “Lost connection to the server” or “Failed to connect to the server.”, this is not a crash but a connection problem. If the message was “Server Closed Due to An Unexpected Error”, then that could be server related but match results are nullified in that circumstance.

Hi there Pramesti,

Another factor to add, we are tracking some ISP issues in your area at this time. We have a Tweet up for this.

If you think your case is unrelated, please post back with a WinMTR. It would help us track and see what is going on.


“Server Closed Due to An Unexpected Error” was the message everybody got after the crash. Unfortunately it wasn’t nullified. Because I couldn’t return to the match and nothing happend after a short time of waiting I had to close Overwatch entirely to start a new one eventually. -> -50SR

Same problem happened to be about 30 minutes ago. I lost 50 SR. it just disconnected me and i did not get any error messages. Would just not let me re-connect to the game and when it did, within 3 seconds it would kick me back out. I want both my SR points back and compensation for loosing 1 hour of my life, not playing with my friends, and getting angry to the point of wanting to quit this game for punishing me

Okay, then it may have attempted a new match but you failed to connect to that new match for some reason.

Your case sounds more like a disconnection. Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Same problem

I joining to game before joined in tha game kicks me and her told me
( failed connect to server )
I will take band and losses 50 boints

I need feedback about that

Thank you

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So are we goona getting back our lost points ?!
I lost 100 !!
It kick me out twice in one day !! :slight_smile:
For god’s sake I’m trying to win so hard because of the trolling, and then I just lost 100 !

Same here, game just stopped and my connection worked (everything else besides OW worked fine). Game just crashed, I had to relog and ofcourse -50!
I want compensation, -50 is just ridiculous!

Something crashed, server or something, it wasn’t just me. I restarted game and was able to rejoin match and sow that on the other team someone had same problem. Won a game and didn’t get a SR for that and in fact lost 50 and 10 min ban. So blizzard i would like my 75 sr back ty very much. With love ur tilted players <3

This just happened to me as well. From 3606 SR to 3556. The match had just started, we were at team selection, and suddenly I lost connection to the game server.

I have fiber optic Internet so it isn’t my connection. Nothing else disconnected in the process. I want my 50 SR back honestly.

EDIT: I knew it wasn’t just me when I logged back in and people in General were saying the same thing had happened to them.

I wish to remind everyone that Blizzard is unable to compensate for any leaver penalties for any reason. Please remember that players like myself and the Blizzard Support Agents can lend a hand to any connection issues such as “Lost Connection to the Server” or “Failed to Connect to the Server”.

“Server closed due to an unexpected error.” is to my knowledge the only reason where the server is at fault, however in my personal experience when this happens the match resets or is canceled without any penalty unless there is a different problem that occurs at the same time.

Again very specific details, including which error messages and the behavior of the game you see, are helpful for anyone having problems.

that happend for me and all my friends too. I’ve lost 70 points, I want my points back ;(((

D.Va buging, laging jumping in and out of mack, black screen with overwatch logo in bottom right corner loading, coming back and doing same stuff, and i didn’t have any problem with my internet

This sounds like graphics card artifacting meaning your GPU might be going out.