Ranked problems/bugs

I play ranked matches with a friend. We win a match and get 2% progress. The game shows that we are about to move up to platinum 3. Then right after that we win another match and get 2% again, but are suddenly about to move down to platinum five. The visual display is also very buggy. Since then, we have been playing in an endless loop and can neither move up nor down. This is very frustrating and does not motivate to play this game. Unfortunately, these are not the only bugs in the ranked system.
Anyone else has same issues?


Sharing the same problem as explained here:

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For me it is not Support. For me this problem occurs only with Dps. But only in Role queue. I thought i was crazy too…
So this means i can not Play dps at all to rank up right now. And we have to wait if they will ecentually fix it…after six month maybe

Sadly this game will die completely if they dont fix all the bugs.
It is sooo annoying. The gameplay is great but how is it possible that a company like this cant build a normal ranked system. Embarrassing…

Hi guys, report here