Ranked loading screen and home screen at the same time

I was in the queue for a competitive game. I loaded one of my highlights but i heard the sound it found a game so I clicked on cancel. Then the loading screen and the home screen are on the same time on my monitor. I couldn’t join the game after that. I tried to change the resolution of the game but nothing changed (except the resolution). I had acces to all the menus of the homescreen if i clicked on it. (I have a screenshot and I also lost 50 sr because I had to restart Overwatch)

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I had the same issue several times now, loosing about 70 sr everytime. Btw this bug is known for several seasons now…

Nice happend again right now, im banned from comp for 8 hours now. Blizz pls contact me and remove. And i would like you to give me back my sr

This generally happens when you’re disconnecting and unable to fully load the match.

Im playing via wlan but i never gad drops before, same in any other game. My is inetconnection is not the problem. By the way restarting and deleting cache files doesnt work either

Pls at least remove my comp ban, ive only ever gotten kicked at the start of the game loosing about 250 sr in the past 2 days

Overwatch requires a very high packets per second rate, more than most games. Slight packet loss often causes a disconnection, so it’s still worth looking at that. Especially if you’re trying to play on wireless, which is a recipe for packet loss and interference issues.

So what am i supposed to do, i cant have an lan connection and why does it always mess up at the start of a round thne

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Since this is the Bug Report forum, no troubleshooting will take place here. If you want to troubleshoot performance issues, like slow loading maps/disconnects, you should start a new post in #technical-support with a WinMTR and a DxDiag so someone can look them over.

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Sry im just really “stressed” by this issue, i mean 8 hour ban for no reason? How am i supposed to climb?

Penalties are applied to anyone who repeatedly leaves matches. Disconnecting/not loading in counts as leaving, because your team suffers as a result. Full details on Blizzard’s stance on this can be found in the #technical-support stickies: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

The best course of action is to avoid Competitive and play low stakes modes until you’ve figured out the issue. One of the MVPs, staff, or the community will likely help if you provide diagnostic info in the forum like I suggested above.

I mean im not even damaging anyone cause i never got kicked out of a round im in, so everytime it just cancelled the match

If you have feedback on their penalty system, you can add it in the #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion forums, but I don’t work for them or make any decisions about their rules. I’ve provided you with the next steps to take if you’re seeking troubleshooting.

I know, thanks for ur help and sry